Saenchai: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Recent Story of Saenchai: glory, money and the future.

Saenchai (sor kingstar – sinbimuaythai and now just Saenchai since his leaving Sinbi).

Whatever you want to call him, the main thing is Saenchai is the P4P best muay thai fighter of our generation. Unlike MMA rankings, Boxing rankings and Kickboxing rankings – there is little to no disputing this assumption.

Saenchai has won the Lumpinee Championship title in three different weight divisions, and often gives up 5 lbs + in weight to find worthy opponents in Thailand, while against foreigners the skill discrepancy is so far apart he will go up as high as 147 pounds, which is 15+ pounds above his best weight.

How’s this for a story:

On July 3, 2009, Saenchai fought against two muay thai fighters in a single bout at Lumpinee stadium. During rounds 1-3, he fought against Petchboonchu F.A. Group. Petchboonchu tried to attack aggressively at 1R, but Saenchai carried throughout his stamina-saving style and broke Petchboonchu’s balance several times. During rounds 4-5, Saenchai fought against Sakeddaow Petchpayathai. Saenchai controlled his critical distance with front-kicks and middle-kicks and he threw telling blows more than Sakeddaow did. The referee announced Saenchai’s victory with unanimous decision after 5R.

Both Petchboonchu and Sakeddaow are consider top 5 fighters and both champions of the sport of muay thai.

So with all of this glory, and recently taking fights more and more abroad (giving up plenty of weight) but still winning, and with a total career record of 247 Wins, 44 Losses, 2 Draws – what does Saenchai have left? What is the future for Saenchai?

It is reported that Saenchai is a fan of Football (soccer to some) and that funds and earnings from such an illustrious career – may have been dwindled away into many of these Football matches. In the back end of 2011 we saw Saenchai drop 2 losses to Sagetdao Petpayathai.

More so, Saenchai for the FIRST time in his career suffered two back-to-back losses… to make it worse, one of those losses was Saenhai’s ONLY loss to a non-thai fighter.

Granted some have argued it a controversial decision against Fabio Pinca (take a look and decide for yourself)

Another rumor around Thailand has it that Saenchai had placed a large sum of money on himself winning one of these fights – and in losing , he has put himself into debt.

Fast forward one month from the Pinca loss – and we are set to see Saenchai versus F16 in Lumpinee stadium !

This fight was booked previously, but due to floods it had been postponed to a later date. However to make a lot of things worse for Saenchai – he pulled out of the F16 fight on reasonably short notice.

It is said he was having weight issues with stepping up to fight F16, but im not exactly sure what the reason is.

Either way – we have a situation where the Undisputed P4P greatest muay thai fighter of our era… the man who has beaten every name that resides even close to his weight. The world wide face of muay thai….. and Saenchai is reportedly very low on funds, has left 2 gyms in 2 years, has lost 2 fights in a row and his first to a foreign fighter.

WHAT A SHITTY SITUATION for a man that has given so much to muay thai.

I hope we see Saenchai come back and dominate the best, i hope he earns big money doing it, i hope he fights overseas and wins muay thai fights on muay thai scoring…. i hope for a lot. 
Guess we will just have to wait and see what 2012 has in store for Saenchai ! 


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