ROAD FC: Kyung Ho Kang Back in the Bantamweight Grand Prix

Life after death!

Kyung Ho Kang is Korea’s #1 bantamweight. After losing to One FC II victor Bae Young Kwon (a featherweight), a fighting a series against lightweight opposition, Kang – now 8 wins, 5 losses – wisely dropped to compete at 135lbs and entered the  Road FC Bantamweight Grand Prix. Tipped as a potential winner, he surprisingly faltered at the first hurdle, coming in overweight and subsequently losing a lively scrap by decision to the rising American Andrew Leone.

Now, he has a second bite at the proverbial apple. Three bouts are yet to be contested for the semi-final berths, and due to injuries, a fourth involving Ho Kang will be added to provide a fourth semi-finalist in the tournament.


Kang is a stud, despite his very mixed 8-6 record. Fighting against featherweights and lightweights, he is now facing people closer to his own size (barring Leone the flyweight!) and is touted in the competitive ROAD bantamweight division and the One FC network. He is a competent striker, good grappler and well rounded fighter.

Leone believes he will face Kang in the finals.

“Yeah, I think we’ll meet,” he grins. “I’ll need to finish (my opponent) in the semis pretty quickly, make sure I’m ready for Kang. Will be fine,” he adds assuredly, “I’ll have a proper training camp before the fights this time and will be more than prepared.”

Given he got the win last time out while being 7kg undersized and taking the fight on short notice, I wouldn’t bet against it.


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