Worked Fights In PRIDE?

Absolutely not. None whatsoever.

PRIDE FC was the pinnacle of Mixed Martial Arts & Combat Sports. Regardless of continent or country, for fighters and fans alike it was the place to be and the event to watch, with the best roster, most glamorous and extravagant shows and the sexiest image. It presented the sport in the best light it had yet to be viewed in – as a Martial Arts show that promoted respect, strength with honour and sporting excellence.

The roster made a mockery of the UFC’s comparatively threadbare talent pool, with many former and future champions making their way over to Japan, to fight what was perceived by all to be against a better level of competition, for bigger pay cheques and before larger and more appreciative audiences on events with unrivalled production values and pageantry implemented on an epic scale.

And Nobuhiko Takada definitely beat Mark Coleman in a legitimate fight.


Deal with it.


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One Comment on “Worked Fights In PRIDE?”

  1. Will Prescott
    February 29, 2012 at 8:12 am #

    A+ article

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