“WBC title fight with Saenchai? Damien Is Already Booked in 2 Fights”

Damien Alamos did not cancel the Saenchai fight, that much was made clear. He’d just never heard of it nor been offered it.

Fight Sport Asia followed MTisLife’s lead and the others who posted the WBC Extravaganza announced from the “official WBC press release” that announces seven WBC Muay Thai world title fights, including Saenchai vs. Damien Alamos at super-lightweight. That particular fight – to say nothing of the rumours regarding several others – has been vehemently refuted by Damien’s manager Num Noi Singpatong.

“…if Damien is to fight in an event in Thailand, either myself or promoter Chun (from Kiatpetch – the Lumpinee promoter) should be called. Now for this event, both of us, promoter and manager don’t know about this fight (Saenchai) – neither did Damien.”

So is it possible the fight could take place, if the WBC contact you regarding it? Num Noi was quick to dismiss such talk.

“Damien has a two programs fighting in France in June and July, so he cannot participate in this event”, adding even more categorically, “We have not been approached for him to fight on this card, so he will not be fighting.”

As for Damien not wanting a potential Lumpinee champ vs. Lumpinee champ showdown, Num Noi was equally quick to nip such suspicions in the bud.

“Thank you for following up on this story – we don’t want people to think that Damien has cancelled on a fight, that doesn’t look good. It is simply that he has two fights during that time, and that nobody contacted or approached us regarding this card, so he will not be fighting on it”.

One wonders what the root of this issue is. Was it the WBC announcing a fight they had not (yet?) booked, or a website’s faulty misinformation? Either way, it looks like we’ll be waiting a while longer for Saenchai vs. Alamos.

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