Manny Pacquiao vs. Tim Bradley: 24/7, episode 1

Pac is back, and his dance partner this time is the former long-time WBC and current WBO Light-welterweight world champion and Junior Witter’s conqueror, the awkward Tim Bradley.

Judging from the Face-to-Face, Face-Off, or whatever that waste of time was called, Pacquaio doesn’t care about this one, and will speak about, prepare for and probably fight this bout on auto-pilot. Either way, Bradley will be an extremely tough fight for him; let’s remember, while Manny and Floyd may be considered the best boxers in the world (though in Manny’s case it’s debatable after arguably losing what should have been a wide points decision to Juan Manuel Marquez) they still have a host of the world’s best fighters between lightweight and light-middleweight that all want to knock them off their perch. They still need to be at their best to remain the best.

Bradley can be awkward, with a dull style, but he is undefeated and effective; witness his toppling of Junior Witter (split-decision) to see how well he can do against awkward stylists with decent power. Manny has great power and an extremely busy, active style to contend with, but Bradley is a worthy contender to him and Pacquiao had best peform.

Here is episode 1:


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