FightSportAsia in Singapore for the Historic One Asia-MMA Summit!

“A historic step for Asian Mixed Martial Arts”.

So says Victor Cui, CEO and owner of One Fighting Championships, who are hosting a summit of movers and shakers in the Asian Mixed Martial Arts world. From sponsors to promoters to gym owners, the collective will network, talk and listen, and bear witness to a series of talks on such subjects as building fight teams, properly engaging the fans, “the business of sports partnership”, and most intriguingly of all, “the future of Asian MMA”, with Road FC and URCC founders/owners guest speakers, along with Yodchatri from Evolve.

The summit is taking place in the high-powered surroundings of the Marina Sands Hotel, Singapore, likely the most expensive non-Japanese hotel in Asia. Casino, shopping mall, rooftop pool, rooftop park… “one” feels very content in said surroundings, it must be said.

The creation of an Amateur circuit of Asian MMA is an interesting prospect, particularly given that Thailand recently illegalised professional Mixed Martial Arts, much to the chagrin of Bangkok-based promotion DARE. With a One FC-backed amateur circuit, however, that ruling is almost entirely bypassed, providing that fighters wishing to compete in Thailand do not resent the results of their fights not being recorded on their professional records. Given that FightSportAsia is based in Phuket, Thailand, that will certainly be a topic of interest.

With all the major promoters, sponsors, gym owners, movers and shakers present, this will be a talking shop of a magnitude never before seen in Mixed Martial Arts, and whatever agendas lurk as-yet unrevealed beneath the surface, time will tell on what interesting developments could be made for the sport at this historic summit.

Here is an overview of what the One Asia-MMA Summit entails;

Updates will be given on the progress of the summit, as and when applicable.

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