Island Fight Night #1: Phuket MMA! (video)

Phuket’s Mixed Martial Arts scene just took a turn for the better as Top Team launch their own event, Island Fight Night!

Headlined (on paper) by a submission grappling bout between the Leone brothers (Andrew of Shooto/One FC/Road FC and Anthony of Bellator and Strikeforce), and featuring a slew of Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai and boxing bouts, the event went seamlessly and is an interesting and worthy addition to the Phuket fightsport scene.

Here is a video highlight of the event that features two submission grappling bouts in their entirety, one full MMA fight and excerpts from here and there on a fun night of food and fights at the Phuket Top Team gym, in the rings and cage!



The recap and fight results were as follows, as taken from the Island Fight Night website, written by Boyd “Gypsy” Clarke;

The inaugural Island Fight Night at Phuket Top Team went down well.
The following is a short re-cap of results and some quick snaps of the night.

More photos and videos of fights and events will be released once edited.

Thank-you to Ink Asia for there support (offering up a 6,000 baht tattoo voucher for Fight Of The Night)

Great night, with the next one only 4 weeks away!

Fight 1:

Boxing 3×3 min rounds *

Craig Peddie Vs Jesse Robbins  @ 62kg

Winner after 3 round via Unanimous Decision – Jesse Robbins

Intermission – Kicking Competition

10 contestants, 1 min each – see who kicks the pad’s the most amount of times in 1 min.

* Winner – Kru Lucky (tie) with Brad Terrey for 180 kicks

Fight 2:

* Amateur Muay Thai 5×3 min rounds * 

Carl (UK) Vs Oscar  @85kg

Winner – Oscar 2nd round DQ after fighter was unable to continue from a groin shot

Intermission – Charity Boxing

Kru Saeng (retired 7 years with 250+ thai fights & trainer to thai champions) VS Professor. Olavo Abreu (3rd degree bjj black belt under carlson gracie – world champion jiu jitsu)

DRAW after going at it with the HUGE 50oz gloves

Fight 3:

* Amateur Muay Thai 3x3min rounds * 

Atilla Vs Robert   @75kg

Winner after 3 rounds via a Unanimous Decision – Atilla

Fight 4:

* ADCC Rules submission grappling *

Brad Terrey Vs Gareth (Dublin)  @80kg

Winner via guillotine choke after 1:55 of action – Gareth

Fight 5

* ADCC Rules submission grappling *

Jese Robbins Vs Rani   @62kg

Winner via Arm Bar after 2:40 of action – Rani

Fight 6

* Amateur rules MMA 3×3 min rounds *

* No Elbows, No Knees to the head, Ground striking Only to the body

– shooto MMA gloves, no shin guards.

Aden Baron Vs Jon Ramirez  @62kg

Winner via first round submission – Guillotine choke – Aden Baron

Fight 7

* ADCC Rules submission grappling *

Andrew Leone (ONE FC, ROAD FC, SHOOTO MMA fighter and Purple belt) Vs

Anthony Leone (WEC & Strikeforce vet. Bellator fighter and Purple belt)

Catch weight

Winner after 5:05 of action, Anthony Leone Via Knee Bar

Photos / Videos and much more coming once its been edited !

(Stay Tuned)

For now we have a SMALL selection of photo’s – Expect all vids and photos up over the next 48 hours


The Island Fight Night events were preceded by the first Food & Fight Night at Top Team (IFN 0.5?) – check back soon for the still-as-yet unreleased footage of FSA (yours truly) competing on that night in a charity bout, in a fight that made Kalib Starnes look like a gladiatorial hero of the warrior caste in comparison.

I had decided to bury it and take it with me to the grave, but the only surviving clips of the bout add up to roughly four minutes of actual fight footage shown; I’m sure my flagging ego wont be crushed by such limited exposure of my lack of boxing acumen. I’m a hippy anyway, and this was when I was a fat boy in March!

IFN will continue on a monthly basis, with all-you-can-eat food available with the ticket, and bouts contested under MMA, Muay Thai, boxing, grappling and TK-1 rules. Tickets can be bought at the Top Team gym, or by designated ticket sellers around Soi TaAed (Chalong, Phuket) and fighters looking to compete on the card must register prior to the night of the event, with full name, weight and experience, as well as what combat sport rules you would like to compete under.

Island Fight Night is a refreshing addition to the landscape of Phuket MMA. With Thailand having officially illegalised Mixed Martial Arts competition, Top Team’s hosted events give Thailand based fighters the opportunity to gain vital experience, while giving us an entertaining aperitif to go with our barbecue!

Twitter @ Daniel Fletcher

ps- *official announcement*

Phuket Top Team don’t give a flying fuck about the MMA ban and I’ll tell you kids… we’d rather walk.

We’ve got tattoos mate.


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