Recent Buakaw interview “I Do Want To Fight MMA In The Future”

Buakaw Banchamek (formerly Buakaw Por Pramuk) had made waves in the MMA and Muay Thai community when he was in disputes with his former gym Por Pramuk. While in dispute Buakaw was seen training Bjj in Bangkok and Hong Kong.


Many got excited about his possible move to MMA.

Then the dispute was resolved and he returned to fighting Muay Thai / K-1.

The story went cold and those who were interested in seeing of of the greatest Muay Thai / Stand up fighters in MMA…. were sadly denied.

Well Fight Sport Asia’s Dan Plasma caught up with Mr. Buakaw Banchamek on a recent visit to Phuket.

During the interview (below) Buakaw mentions he is indeed interested in fighting MMA in the future.


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6 Comments on “Recent Buakaw interview “I Do Want To Fight MMA In The Future””

  1. Mad
    April 13, 2013 at 4:40 am #

    He did not say he wanted to fight MMA in the future. That was some bad translation. He said he tried training in MMA and it is another fight sport that he is still learning. Right now he is fighting Muay Thai – that’s more like what he said.

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