FSA Talks With SUPERKOMBAT Star Alexandru Lungu

There are few combat sports athletes in Romania more famous than Alexandru Lungu. As large and rugged as the Vikings he impersonates, the name “Lungu” has become synonymous with ferocity, power, and often- controversy. A former Judo champion and current proud father, in his last outing at Superkombat, the Romanian Goliath lost by Disqualification after punching his opponent while grounded. We caught up with the hot-blooded man from Oradea to find out a little about his life, background, and motivations.

Fight Sport Asia: Before we begin, tell us a little about your history. Where you from? What was your home like?

Alexandru Lungu: I was born and raised in Oradea, Romania. It’s also the place I’m living currently, near the border of Hungary. It’s a very beautiful city with nice people.

FSA: How did you begin in combat sports?

AL: If you’re speaking about MMA and K-1, it was almost an accident. I retired from judo in 2002 and after 3 years, a friend of mine, the former Olympic champion, Pawel Nastula, called me and ask if I want to fight for some nice money in Pride. I accepted immediately and in a few months I made my debut in Pride. Without a background in MMA, I lost my first fight, but the Japanese officials were satisfied with my performance and they told me about a new fight. Unfortunately, the next year Pride was bought by UFC and our deal fell through.

FSA: Do you like MMA and Kickboxing more than Judo?

AL: My first love was judo. I have 20 years experience in this sport, I was world champ in 1994, and in 1996 I won against judo icon David Douillet. However, it was in MMA and K-1 that I truly found what I was meant to do.

FSA: Your last fight at the Superkombat WGP you lost by disqualification, even though you were winning. Talk us through that fight. What happened?

AL: I made a mistake because I hit him on the ground. I was angry because he was running away from me and refusing to fight. Because of the pressure, I was fighting in my hometown, I was rushed and nervous. I want to apologize for my gesture. It’s frustrating to fight someone who refused to stand and face me.

FSA: Would you be eager to face Dutton in a rematch if it was offered?

AL: Definitely, yes! I am a fighter and this is my destiny- To fight until the end. I want to continue my career at this level and if the possibility exist, I want to fight again against Dutton.

FSA: When you’re not fighting or training, what are you doing in your spare time?

AL: I’m training every day, but when I don’t have a fight scheduled I spend most of my time relaxing. I love to watch movies; I’ll go to the cinema with my girlfriend and my little daughter. When the weather is beautiful, I ride a motorcycle- a Triumph Rocket.

FSA:  Who are some people you look up to in your own life?

AL: For sure are my daughter and my girlfriend. They are like oxygen for me.

FSA: What’s your relationship with the other Romanian heavyweights like Daniel Ghita and Catalin Morosanu? Do you ever train together?

AL:I have a good relationship with both of them. They are two great fighters, I admire them for their performances. With Daniel I was sparring before, but with Catalin I haven’t had the opportunity until now.

FSA: You’re famous for walking out like a barbarian, usually in a fur vest and holding an axe. How did this start? What’s the story behind it?

AL: I’ve always liked history, specifically strong people and legends behind them. When I fought against Bob Sapp, I knew he would have a spectacular entrance and I didn’t want to be seen as a simple fighter by comparison. That was the moment.

FSA: You’re known for your strength and amazing punching power. Tell us a little bit about your training, and how you prepare for a fight?

AL: Definitely, I put a lot of power in my punches and that probably why I sometimes get tired quickly, but I don’t care because I only want to make spectacular fights, and for fans to be proud of me even when I lose. For me, their opinion is very important, they love as I am, very dynamic and aggressive.

FSA: How does it feel to be an icon in Romania? Do you have a lot of pressure on your shoulders to perform well?

AL: I don’t consider myself as an icon, maybe an example of ambition and longevity. I’ve been in sports since I was  16 years old. Maybe some people think I’m a crazy old man who doesn’t want to retire. I will not leave this way. As long as the fans love me I want to stay around and fight.

FSA: What’s your ultimate goal as a fighter?

AL:I want to be healthy so I can continue to fight- to send my opponent to the floor with my punches like a lumberjack brings down trees. I don’t want to speak about retirement just yet, because I want to fight until I’m 45, possibly. As long as people want to see me, I’ll be there in the arena like a gladiator.


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