Muay Thai Clip of the Week: Where Does It Hurt? (EVERYWHERE)

There is nothing worse than having two bad things happen to you at the same time. For example, getting stung by bees is pretty bad. But you know what’s worse? Getting stung by bees that are simultaneously robbing you and stealing your identity. See how terrible that sounds?

Theppakonlek Or Kwanmuang found himself in a similar unfortunate predicament against Itirit Petjaopraya. When the finish comes, it’s hard to tell whether Theppakonlek is holding his head, his stomach, or his general body region. He’s so confused about all the pain he can’t figure out what hurts the most. One judge probably remarked to another that he watched some applied science videos on youtube and that they just witnessed the convergence of two parallel lines on a single point.

Check out the video below, as always courtesy of Live Muay Thai Guy, and cringe in agony at the final blow(s).


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