Chad and Nathan Pick 3: GLORY 8 Tokyo

With Glory 8 just a few days away, Chad Sanderson of Fight Sport Asia and Nathan Aripez of Muay Thai Authority have teamed up once again to bring you predictions for three fights at this weekend’s Glory 8 event. With Glory 8 featuring the featherweight tournament, Chad and Nathan will give you their picks on two of the night’s fights as well as who they think will be the last man standing in the 8 man 65 kilo tournament. Let us know if you agree or disagree with our dashing hosts.

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Peter Aerts vs. Jamal Ben Saddik

Chad’s Pick – Jamal Ben Saddick
I’m a little torn on this fight. Jamal Ben Saddick is a big, strong, behemoth of a man. But there’s no doubt in my mind that his recent wins over Errol Zimmerman were due in part to the unusual tournament ruleset. His stamina is an issue, and once he tires out it could be over. That being said, I think Peter Aerts’ time is up. He was showing his age against Tyrone Spong, and has been more susceptible to injuries over years past. While he did beat Semmy Schilt in one of the most intelligent performances of his life back in 2010, I don’t think he has the athleticism to deal with the 23 year old Saddick. I’m picking Jamal by TKO in round 2.

Nathan’s Pick – Jamal Ben Saddik
This is a match up of youth vs. age, and youth is going to win. The 42 year old Aerts is a legend and tough as nails, but the 23 year old Saddik is a heavy hitter. This fight will start evenly in the first round, but in the second Saddik will begin to pull away as he begins to unload on Aerts. 80% of Saddik’s wins have come by stoppage, and he continues his trend of finishing fights in this one. Saddik wins by (T)KO.

Albert Kraus vs. Andy Ristie

Chad’s Pick – Albert Kraus
Albert Kraus is a bad matchup for Andy Ristie. Ristie is a very wide puncher- his strength is overwhelming his opponents with sheer volume and power, but if that doesn’t work the fight usually turns into an ugly mess. Not only that, but Ristie has a tendency to ignore his defense when he begins to turn up the pressure- something that is dangerous against a strong counter puncher like Kraus. Another issue his cardio. Andy has a real problem with setting a pace, and if he doesn’t get a quick finish he usually looks exhausted by the end of the fight. Basically, Kraus is strong in every area Ristie is not. He has patience, extreme endurance, and nasty boxing. I could see this one ending before the final bell. I’ll take Albert Kraus by TKO in Round 3.

Nathan’s Pick – Albert Kraus
Ristie did not look like his usual self in his last fight at Glory 6 against Alessandro Campagna. If he shows up to fight Albert Kraus looking like that he is in for a long night. Kraus is currently on a five fight win streak which includes three wins in one night as part of the WLF-World 8 Man Tournament. Despite some moments in the fight for Ristie, Kraus will impose his will as he presses the action in the fight and earns a hard fought decision victory over Ristie.

Glory Featherweight 8-Man Grand Slam

Chad’s Pick – Yuta Kubo
This such a good tournament. Really. It’s awesome. And while I’m pretty confident about my pick to win, it could just as easily swing back in another direction. Kubo is going to be coming into this tournament physically larger than most of the others after his attempt to steadily work his way into the 70 kilo division. He’s been undefeated for nnearly the last three years and is the undisputed kingboxing king of Japan. I’m relatively certain he’ll get past his first fight of the tournament, Korea’s Chi Bin Lim, which will then open a path to either Gabriel Varga or Abdallah Ezbiri. Kubo has beaten Ezbiri twice before, and I believe Varga is comparatively inexperienced. The other side of the bracket is full of monsters. Liam Harrison, Masaaki Noiri, and Mosab Amrani will be destroying each other. There’s almost no way they’ll enter the finals unscathed, whereas there’s a strong chance Kubo could be in relatively healthy condition. I’m going with Kubo to win the whole tournament, capping off the finals with a decision victory.

Nathan’s Pick – Liam Harrison
Mosab Amrani knocked out Liam Harrison in the first round of their recent encounter at Glory 5 with a body shot. You can bet the house that Harrison is chomping at the bit to even the score. If they both win their quarterfinal match-ups they will meet in the tournament semi-finals. In the eyes of many this tournament is Harrison or Amrani’s. Harrison will out point Amrani en route to a decision win when they re-match and Harrison then cruises to victory in the tournament finals.


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