Mark Streigl vs. Yusuke Yachi Set For PXC 37 (Promo video)

It’s always an exciting time when a fighter you’ve watched develop eventually makes it to the big leagues. While there may not be any personal stake for writers or fans in the achievements of mixed martial artists, seeing an Asian MMA fighter rise to the level of the UFC, ONE FC, or Bellator becomes a matter of pride. We know their faces, we’ve watched them develop. In a way, it’s like sending your child off to an Ivory League University after years of hard work (With significantly less bills on our part).

Such a rise to international stardom may very well be on the line in the fight between Mark Streigl and Yusuke Yachi set for PXC 37 on May 18.

Mark Streigl is a behemoth. He’s a killer. He’s a finisher. He’s everything that I imagine in some corner of a dark room that the UFC officials are looking for in the next big Asian fighter. While not gushing too much for the sake of objectivity, Mark has the potential to cause big waves if he can make the transition from PXC to the big show. He is a grappling wizard; a virtual submission genius, with 10 of his 12 wins coming by way of tapout. At the moment, he seems unstoppable.

Yusuke Yachi is looking to put an end to all the hype. A mainstay of Shooto, Yachi is one of the toughest grinders in the business today. Renowned for his affiliation to the legendary Krazy Bee gym in Japan, at 22 years old Yachi has proven time and time again that he will be a force to reckon with in the Asian MMA circuits in years to come.

While both guys are certainly top of the line fighters, Streigl is coming into this bout as the favorite. His finish rate, wrestling skill, and submission variety are a hefty load to match for the Shooto fighter, but you can never count Yachi out of any fight.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s a very good chance the winner of this bout could go on to compete in a major organization. Desperate for strong Asian talent, I feel that the UFC is the most probable choice. ONE FC is out of the discussion considering they have no recruiting relationship with PXC, choosing to instead to work with the other major Filipino promotion- URCC.

You can catch the promo video of the fight below, and be sure to prepare yourself for the full card on May 18, 2013 at the Ynares Sports Arena Pasig, Philippines


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