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MAX Muay Thai is scheduled to begin in just under ten minutes, and your favorite Asian Combat Sports website has got you covered with updates and live results. Featuring the likes of Muay Thai superstars Buakaw, Aikpracha, and Kem, as well as four-man tournament with Andrei Kulebin and Petchasawin Seatranferry, the first MAX card of the year is set to be a barn-burner of an event. You can catch a free stream of the show on Channel 7 here or follow along with all the action right here on Fight Sport Asia.


Buakaw Banchamek vs. Malik Watson- Exhibition Fight
Aikpracha Meenayothin vs. Enriko Kehl: Draw
Kem Sitsongpeenong def. Dylan Salvador by Decision
Duochoenlek def. Marchanka Kiryl by TKO in Rd. 2


Final: Andrei Kulebin def. Petchasawin Seatranferry by KO in Rd. 2
Andrei Kulebin def. Umar Semata by Decision
Petchasawin Seatranferry def. Jos Mendonca by TKO in Rd. 1


4 Man tournament Final: Petchasawin Seatranferry vs. Andrei Kulebin
Rd. 1: The first round starts slow with both guys feeling each other out. Petch starts landing knees from the clinch and generally dictating the ring position. Kulebin fighting reserved. 10-9 Petchasawin

Rd. 2: Kulebin comes out on fire! Petchasawin is rocked with a headkick, then Kulebin follows him and lands some solid uppercuts. Looks like Petch has recovered and is covered back, then BOOM, massive headkick from Kulebin and the Thai is out cold. Kulebin wins the first MAX 4 man tournament, and will go on to fight in the 65 kg finals at the end of the year.

Result: Andrei Kulebin def. Petchasawin Seatranferry by KO in Rd. 2

Aikpracha Meenayothin vs. Enriko Kehl
Rd. 1: Another great start for the farang. Kehl comes out landing some really hard elbows, punches, and body kicks, although Aikpracha seems to still be getting warmed up. I think the German landed the better of the shots in the first round, but who knows how long the momentum will last. 10-9 Kehl

Rd. 2: Very hard, very even fight. Kehl throwing lots of elbow, but when Aikpracha pushes forward he lands very hard. At the end of the round Kelh lands a nice elbow and opens a cut on Aikpracha. The doctors take a look and determine he can continue. Great fight so far. Because of the elbow I’d lean towards Kehl after two. 10-9 Kehl

Rd. 3: Both guys are throwing down. Enriko Kehl is really impressing me. He’s a young kid and is taking it to one of the best in the business. He lands a hard elbow, then Aikpracha dodges the second and connects with a shot of his own before dumping him to the ground. Kehl has Aikpracha on his back foot, but gets caught and tripped. The round end with Enriko moving forward. 10-9 Aikpracha

Result: Draw

Kem Sitsongpeenong vs. Dylan Salvador
Rd. 1: These two get to brawling right away, with Kem landing the better kicks and knees but Salvador pushing forward near the end of the round and landing some HUGE shots, rocking Kem and pushing him back into the corner. Very close, very exciting. 10-9 Salvador

Rd. 2: Kem is visibly pissed off now. He comes absolutely on fire, landing just about everything in the book as Salvador struggles to mount a comeback. The real damage starts being done halfway through the round, when Kem starts to land some POWERFUL knees, at least ten or fifteen of which have Salvador winded. Great round for the Sitsongpeenong fighter. 10-9 Kem

Rd. 3: Kem’s knee blitzkrieg continues, and dear God is it brutal. Salvador is fighting back admirably, but he’s in some serious pain. Hard, hard shots to Dylan’s thighs and breadbasket have him reeling, but he’s not going down. The round ends with Kem dancing around the ring. 10- 9 Kem

Result: Kem Sitsongpeenong def. Dylan Salvador by Decision

Duochoenlek vs. Marchanka Kiryl
Rd. 1: Duochoenlek is not playing around. The Thai fighter starts unloading from the opening bell, pushing Kiryl around and dominating him at every aspect of the game. These two are on completely different levels. 10-9 Duochonlek

Rd. 2: Kiryl is essentially running from Duochonlek. Duochonlek starts smashing Kiryl with elbows to earn an 8 count, then lands a second big shot moments later for a second 8 count. The Belurusian can’t do anything as he’s herded into a corner and blasted with knees until the ref calls it.

Result: Duochoenlek def. Marchanka Kiryl by TKO in Rd. 2

Petchasawin Seatranferry vs. Jos Mendonca
Rd 1: Mendonca comes out firing, and lands a few shots after the lights briefly go off the arena. Petchasawin surges back late though, landing about six unanswered crosses, a flying knee, and a knee to the head to seal the deal. Mendonca gets a standing 8, but the ref has seen enough.

Result: Petchasawin Seatranferry def. Jos Mendonca by TKO in Rd. 1

Umar Semata vs. Andrei Kulebin
Rd. 1: An exciting round to start, Kulebin landing body kicks at will but Semata throws some fancy flying knees towards the end of the round, and finishes with body punches. Still, Kulebin’s consistency most likely earned him the first. 10-9 Kulebin

Rd. 2: Kulebin starting to unload now. Semata seems at a loss as Kulebin bombards him with hard teeps, elbows, and a dominate clinch. The round finishes on flashy spinning kicks from both guys, but it’s clearly Andrei’s round. 10-9 Kulebin.

Rd. 3: The final round is more even than the last, but it’s still Kulebin’s to lose. He peppers Semata with body kicks, and lands a slick right uppercut left middle kick midway through. Little landed of consequence from both guys. 10-9 Kulebin

Result: Andrei Kulebin def. Umar Semata by Decision


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