Pakistani MMA: This is Why Trained Refs Are Important (Video)

It’s not often that an MMA video makes me visibly disgusted, but I suppose there’s a first time for everything.

PAK FIGHT CLUB, or PFC for short, is one of Pakistan’s very few established MMA organizations. As with any sport making it’s breakthrough into a new country, there are bound to be some slip-ups. Maybe a fighter goes through the ring every now and then, maybe some wild geese charge the announcers table- you know, little things.

But fighting is also a very dangerous sport, and when it is not overseen properly the consequences can be potentially fatal. Such was the case during the second ever PFC show, featuring a contender match-up between Harris Butt and Bilal Ali. If you don’t want to see what happens when a ref allows a fighter to hold a choke long past the stage of unconsciousness, I’d advise clicking away now. But if you need to fulfill a morbid sense of curiosity, check out the video below and try not wince.


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