Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn: The Most Underrated Fighter We Know Keeps the Streak Alive

As we approach the midway point of 2013, there are many fighters that have been working to prove themselves worthy of breaking into the upper echelons of Muay Thai and Kickboxing’s 70 kilogram division. With Muay Thai standouts Aikpracha, Kem, Yodsanklai, and Sitthichai fighting for big money with Thai Fight and MAX, and kickboxing icons like Giorgio Petrosyan, Albert Kraus, Artur Kyshenko, and Robin Van Roosemalen (to name only a few) making waves with GLORY, this year is a critical time for fighters to get noticed by the big names in the business.

Despite lightweight/middleweight being one of the most stacked weight classes in the sport, Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn has been one of the busiest 70 kilogram fighters on the planet.

Fighting out of Phuket Top Team, the sweep/trip expert has gone 6-1 in 2013, with 4 of those wins coming by way of TKO or KO.

In his bout with Steeve Valent on Elite Boxing TV, Nonsai KO’d the French fighter with a vicious elbow strike, before going on to manhandle both Edgar Nzunga and Nacer Djelloul in their home countries. You can catch all three of Nonsai’s most recent fights below, in descending chronological order.

Nonsai isn’t the only Thai to be fighting high-level farang competition on a regular basis, but he’s certainly one of the most successful. Along with Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong, who has also put together a string of good wins in 2013 (with his lone loss coming to Enriko Gogohiya at GLORY 7 Milan) Nonsai’s next step is to venture into international kickboxing waters, and prove that he is more than your typical clinch/knee/trip/sweep Thai fighter.

In the past, Nonsai has beaten the likes of Dzhabar Askerov, John Wayne Parr, and Bruce Macfie. One of the most underrated nak muays in the game today, with a few more big wins Nonsai will almost certainly be able to elevate himself into the eyesight of the world’s most powerful matchmakers. In the meantime, it’s always entertaining to watch the trail of destruction he leaves in his wake.

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