Chad and Nathan Pick 3: M-ONE “Reborn”

With M-One “Reborn” set for Thursday, Chad Sanderson of Fight Sport Asia and Nathan Aripez of Muay Thai Authority have teamed up once again to bring you predictions for three fights on the M-One card. Let us know if you agree or disagree with our dashing duo.

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Romie Adanza v Jomhod Sagami

Chad’s pick – Jomhod Sagami
For my money, Romie Adanza will always be one the U.S.’s most talented and best natured nak muays. But this coming Thursday he’ll have one of the biggest tests of his career in front of him in Jomhod. Adanza has taken a pretty long break from the sport since he lost to Shuhei Wentz last year at K-1 Rising in Los Angeles. Usually fighters participate in a couple tune-up matches before they get into the swing of things again, but that’s not going to be the case at M-ONE.

Jomhod Sagami/EminentAir is a beast. He’s a regular Lumpinee Stadium fighter and is coming off two wins against Pentai Singpatong at 113 pounds, and a brutal KO against Kusagonnoi Sor Joonsen. This is a guy that sometimes fights as often as twice a month, and employs his boxing more than the average Thai. Romie has power and a nasty uppercut, but the American’s biggest advantage in this match is going to be his size. Come fight time Romie may have as much as a ten pound advantage on Jomhod, considering the Thai will be fighting up from his normal weight. Even so, I doubt it will be enough. I’m picking Jomhod Sagami by TKO in the later rounds.

Nathan’s pick – Jomhod Sagami
Adanza will be returning from a brutal knockout in September of 2012 to take on a dangerous Thai fighter in Jomhod. As usual case when a Thai fights an American, you have to consider Jomhod the favorite to win this fight. If Adanza wants to come away with an upset victory he needs to use his boxing, similar to what he did against Langsuanlek Sasiprapa at M-One “Team Thailand vs. Team America” in late 2011. Adanza was able to use his superior boxing skill to fight openings in Langsuanlek’s defense and eventually score a knockout.

Jomhod’s game plan should be to close the distance make this a clinch battle where he should possess the upper hand. At the end of the day despite a valiant effort by Adanza, Jomhod will be too much for him as score a late stoppage.

Sagetado Petpayathai vs. Tetsuya Yamato

Chad’s pick –Sagetdao Petpayathai

Some brief context about Sagetdao: He’s beaten Saenchai PK muaythaigym. Three times. He may not have attained the legendary status that Saenchai has, but Sagetdao has stood in the ring with some of the best Thai fighters in the sport: Singdam, Penek, Nong-O, Petchboonchu, and more. While his 2012 was a little bit rocky, he still easily dispatched the very talented Umar Semata at Muay Thai Warriors in April.

Tetsuya Yamato is also extremely skilled, don’t get me wrong. He’s got great elbows, as seen during his TKO of Coke Chanuwat back in 2011, and with surely be looking to put Sagetdao away early. But truly, the Thai is just on another level. I see this fight going one of two ways- Either Sagetdao ends it during the middle rounds after Yamato comes out hard and keeps up the pressure, or the Thai takes an easy, cruising decision. I’ll settle with the latter. I’m picking Sagetdao by Decision.

Nathan’s pick – Sagetdao Petpayathai
Tetsuya Yamato is a worthy opponent for Sagetdao, but the fact is that Sagetdao is just the better fighter. Yamato always has a chance because he is a high caliber fighter, but Sagetdao should work his way into the clinch and out work Yamato for five rounds.

Yamato’s best bet is to try and keep his distance and counter Sagetdao when he tries to close the distance, engaging him in the clinch will lead to nothing but eating elbows from Sagetdao. Expect Yamato to eat his fair share of elbows from Sagetdao in this fight, but this one goes the distance with Sagetdao taking a clear decision victory.

Superbon Suppachai Meungsang vs. Craig Jose

Chad’s pick – Superbon

Superbon is a heavier Thai that’s starting to carve a nice name for himself in the international 154 pound muay thai scene. He’s is a great finisher with elbows, and, as usual of Thai fighters, has a truly stifling clinch. Craig Jose may be a lesser known name to some fans, but he’s probably most famous for his Thai Fight match against Saiyok back in August of last year. Jose knows how to use his height and his hands, but tends to get overwhelmed when he’s attacked in combinations or on the inside. Keeping distance and relying on his jab will be Jose’s best bet in this fight, but I think Superbon is a little too skillful overall. Yet again, I’m taking the Thai by unanimous decision.

Nathan’s pick – Superbon
Another match up in favor of the Thai fighter. Craig Jose is a tough UK fighter, and size should be in his favor in this bout, but as it has been proven many times before size doesn’t always matter. Jose will make this a competitive bout, but he is fighting someone who is a better fighter in pretty much every aspect of the fight. Superbon should out strike him in route to a clear cut decision victory

Well, looks like we agree on all fronts for this one, folks. Check out a promo video for the event below, and stay with FSA for live updates and event results.


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