More Russian MMA Insanity (Now With Football Fields!)

Deep in an underground Russian bomb shelter, there is a man who’s sole job is pressing a giant red button when someone, somewhere thinks to themselves “Wow. MMA cannot possibly get any more unusual than what I am witnessing right now.”

Brought to you by creative geniuses uninhibited by governing bodies, fight licenses, or laws in general; the newest batch of Russian MMA asks a very simple questions- “Wouldn’t it be awesome if two guys charged each other from across a football field and fought to the death?” Yes. Yes you twisted vodka-blooded maniacs, it would.

I can only hope outdoor MMA takes off everywhere else around the world, with the environments escalating in danger until the survivial ratio become less than 50%. Maybe they can fight in a pit filled with starving wolves as a drunken Andrei Arlovski commentates from a blimp slowly hurtling towards the earth. doomed to consume the arena in an all-encompassing flame. (Seriously, if you guys are listening that would be awesome.)


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