MMA’s Rising Stars in Asia

Mixed Martial Arts is quickly gaining huge popularity among combat sports fans around the globe. It’s becoming so popular that transitions from a specific combat discipline to MMA have become very common. MMA legends such as Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic was one of the many athletes who transitioned from their respective disciplines to mixed martial arts in the early 2000. Popular Muay Thai fighter Buakaw Banchamek may not follow Cro Cop’s footsteps, but there are certainly more and more fighters who are making the switch.

People from all around the world are going crazy with this form of mixed fighting, either out of fun and excitement or because of the sheer money-making opportunities that the sport provides through betting. Many people prefer wagering on their favorite or top-rated players through online bets and earn a handsome amount of profit. Some enthusiasts make use of the best online sportsbook available found in websites like for increasing the success percentage of their sports bet. One successful sportsbook technique that is gaining widespread acceptance these days is to closely observe the rising Asian stars and place bets on the best fighters.

Asia is considered to be the birthplace of various different forms of martial arts and is home to several legendary names in the world of MMA fighting. The case has remained unchanged over a period of time and, even today, various Asian fighters are gaining popularity at international levels. There are some names that have received acclamations in domestic tournaments and are in talks among the international leagues. Names like Dong Hyun Kim, Chan Sung Jung and Cung Le are already very popular in the UFC because of their top-notch skills and competitive abilities. However, there are some players that are highly popular in the Asian continent and are looking forward to make an international debut.

Haruo Ochi (Flyweight)

Present Shooto fighter, Haruo Ochi is an incredible flyweight champion who is capable of making the next move to the UFC. The 28-year old Japanese talent is popular for his four knockouts and a couple of impressive submissions in his career, spanning only four years. Being a 125-pound fighter, he makes use of his power by combining it with some top-class grappling abilities. Japan should look forward to organize some more fights in this division to enable Ochi to unlock the doors to the UFC.

Yoshiro Maeda (Bantamweight)

It is almost impossible to tag the 45-fight prospects of this Asian veteran. The 30-year old fighter has more than the required potential to represent his domestic division on an international level. Maeda is a WEC expert who has always found his place in the middle. His strong kicks and reputable submissions have earned him over six submission titles and 14 knockout wins. If anyone deserves to reach the UFC in this category, it has to be Yoshiro Maeda.

Doo Ho Choi (Featherweight)

Since Chan Sung Jung is no longer a prospect in this division, Doo Ho Chi has earned his spot as the best prospect in the Asian Featherweight division. The 21-year old Choi is known for his one impressive submission and six different knockouts. The Sengoku and the Deep trouper possess dynamic fighting skills and an amazing style that most of the American fighters are not even familiar with. He surely holds the capabilities of shining at the big leagues, if he gets an opportunity in the future.

Jadamba Narantungalag (Lightweight)

Though being in his late 30s, Jadamba is still one of the top-listed prospects in this division with his amazing 10-fight career. Despite a low number of games, Narantungalag is still considered as the most well-trained and skilled prospect in this league. The Mongolian fighter has defeated five opponents, out of which four were through painful submissions. He is known for his amazing win against the Australian lightweight fighter Adrian Pang, a match that clearly demonstrated his level of toughness. Currently, there are no Mongolians in the UFC lightweight division and this is all the more reason why Jadamba should be given a chance to represent his nation at the international level.

With UFC’s increasing popularity, several Asian stars are dreaming of participating at international events. If they will be able to maintain their top level skills and gain more support from fans and other regional MMA organizations, most of the budding talent here in Asia will find its way to the grandest stage of MMA, the UFC.


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    May 31, 2013 at 12:54 am #

    I,m Erick from South Africa,I have a school of Mixed Martial Art(MMA). I have been seeking for an opportunity to put my guys in an international MMA events since 2009 but I haven,t got any event. I,m pleasing you guys to email me some response if you can afford to have us in you MMA cage fights,its other pro or amateurs I will be waiting.



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