8 Questions with Phil Baroni Before his Fight at ONE FC: Rise to Power

If you know Phil Baroni at all, you also know he’s not the type of guy to hold back on punches or words.

With a big fight coming up on ONE FC: “Rise to Power” on May 31 against Karate expert Nobutatsu Suzuki, Baroni is at a point in his career where it’s time to go big or go home. The extensively traveled veteran is looking to make an impression in Manila as he sets out to dismantle Suzuki, and by doing so possibly take one last shot at championship gold.

After nearly having the strap around his waist in several different promotions, the New York Badass has been preparing himself for a war against a 9-2 opponent whose wins have all come by way of KO or TKO.

Fight Sport Asia got to talk with Baroni before his ONE FC return, and the outspoken American was as candid as ever.

Fight Sport Asia: Your next fight against Nobutatsu Suzuki for ONE FC: “Rise to Power” sees you returning to Manila. Are you excited to be back in the Philippines?

Phil Baroni: Yeah, I’m just excited to take a week off of hard prep and get to recover and beat the fuck out of somebody, to be honest. I’ve had a long hard training camp and I’m sick of it. Sick of being on a diet, sick of training two or three times a day. Sick of running. I just want to be locked in the cage with this cat already.

FSA: It’s no secret Suzuki has real KO power. Are you planning to standing toe to toe with him?

PB: I’m here to fight and I fight to win, and I win by knocking mother fuckers out so what do you think my answer to that question is?

FSA: How much is riding on this fight for you?

PB: My health is riding on this fight and every fight, I don’t wanna fuck my brain or body up and worse than I already have, so a lot is riding on this fight. There’s always a lot riding on every fight: its a thing called Pride and I have a lot of it.

FSA: We heard you’ve been sick for a portion of your training camp. Do you think that’s going to affect you at all come fight time?

PB: Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see with your own eyes. I’ll be ready to go May 31.

FSA: Besides the knockout, what was the best thing about fighting in Manila at your last ONE FC event?

PB: Ha ha ha loose lips sink ships.

FSA: You’ve fought pretty much everywhere: UFC, Strikeforce, Dream, PRIDE…how’s the vibe with ONE FC by comparison?

PB: I love it and it’s the reason I chose to fight for Victor Cui in ONE FC. It’s getting bigger and better all the time. I’m happy to be fighting in ONE FC. I feel like I made a good choice.

FSA: What does Phil Baroni do in his off time?

PB: I vacation and enjoy fine dining. I’m going to Costa Rica to celebrate smashing this busta.

FSA: Fighting aside, what’s new in your life right now?

PB: I live in Cali now. I moved full time to San Jose and I love it. I’m over Vegas and the desert. What the fuck was I thinking living in Vegas so long?

FSA: Would you like to say anything to your fans?

PB: Make sure to watch me smash this chump May 31 in ONE FC. I’m saving the best for the last part of my career. I’m training hard and I’ll deliver.


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