Frank Munoz Gets A Chance at Redemption After SUPERKOMBAT GP Performance

At the last SUPERKOMBAT World GP in Craiova, Romania, Heavyweight fighter Frank Munoz fought to a grueling decision with home-town favorite Sebastian Ciobanu. While the Romanian veteran ended up getting the nod,  fans were outraged over what they believed to be blatant favored judging. According to many who were watching, it was Munoz who should have qualified for the SUPERKOMBAT Grand Prix in Ciobanu’s place.

It was recently announced through the SUPERKOMBAT website that it is not the end of the road for Frank Munoz. Eduard Irimia, SUPERKOMBAT president, explained that while the judges were composed of an international (non-Romanian) team, Munoz would be getting another shot in the World Grand Prix Finale Elimination as a wild-card fighter. Irimia wanted to make sure the world knew that SUPERKOMBAT was an objective organization, and had no intention of playing favorites.

You can read the full SUPERKOMBAT press release below.

SUPERKOMBAT® board has made the examination of Frank Munoz team appeal after the final of the heavyweight tournament from SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix from Craiova and decided to give him a wild card for SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix – Final Elimination scheduled on November 9th.
“We did a detailed examination of this fight with our tehnical commission. It was a balanced fight and the decision belongs to the referees and we cannot change it. We had an international team from Greece, Turkey and Austria. The supervisor of the event was from Croatia so we didn’t have any romanian judge to say that Sebastian Ciobanu was favoured by them. Sebastian Ciobanu was qualified anyway for the SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix – Final Elimination because last year he fought in the Final 4.”, explained SUPERKOMBAT® president Eduard Irimia.
“We cannot change the decision, but I can officially announce that Frank Munoz got a wild card for the SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix – Final Elimination to prove again that we are not doing a subjective promotion. A concrete example is the situation from the rematch between Andrei Stoica and Redouan Cairo where we cancelled the first decision because of a mistake of the superviser, but here is another situation.”, completed SUPERKOMBAT® president Eduard Irimia.
“I felt as a winner and now with this SUPERKOMBAT® decision, given me a wild card, they are showing me big fairplay spirit and prove one time more it’s a world class promotion. Of course the first opponent I wish to fight on November 9th is Sebastian Ciobanu.”, said Frank Munoz.

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