FSA Talks to SUPERKOMBAT Star Benjamin Adegbuyi: “I Can Fight Anybody on Any Promotion”

Splitting his time in childhood between both Nigeria and Romania, SUPERKOMBAT’s Benjamin Adegbuyi is a growing name in the world of heavyweight kickboxing. Holding wins over Sergei Laschenko, and most recently Jairzhino Rozenstruik, FSA talked with the Romanian superstar about his career, and life before fight sports.

Fight Sport Asia: Your childhood was different than most. Tell us a little about what it was like growing up in both Nigeria and Romania.

BA; Yes, it’s true. I had a unique childhood. When I was 3 years old, I moved to Nigeria with my family and started school in Lagos. At 8 years old, I came back to Romania with my mother and my sister and I was forced to start a new life there. I didn’t know to speak romanian, so it was very difficult for me.

What got you into combat sports?

BA: I always loved combat sports, but the most important start to my career actually came from my mother. When I was a kid, she took me at a karate gym. The gym and the training mattered so much to me, and it got me attached to the sport.

FSA: When did you make the transition from Karate and Boxing to Kickboxing?

BA: When I grew up I started working out  at a boxing gym from my city because I wanted to learn to punch as well as kick. After I finished highschool, K-1 was emerging, and I started to combine kicks with punches. This how I fell in love of this sport.

FSA: Were you always set on a becoming a professional fighter?

BA: To be honest, I never think I’d make it where I am now, but my friends always told me I had talent and that I really should take the step to becoming a professional. In summer, about three years ago, I was at a pre-selection made by mister Eduard Irimia. He took a chance on me. I want to thank him again for this great opportunity.

FSA: You’ve said before your father was the dean of a university in Nigeria. Did he approve of your goal to become a kickboxer?

BA: He never agreed with my new career. He’d always call me to come with him to Nigeria to work as an engineer at a big petrol company. I didn’t listen to him. I saw a great opportunity in Superkombat and I’m happy that I made the decision I did. Now, when he sees the level I’m at  he is very proud. After my fights he will show the videos to his friend in Nigeria, along with highlights of me on the internet. It’s funny.

FSA: When did you start training with Respect Gym?

BA: A friend advised me to move at Bucharest to Respect Gym because it’s one of the best places to train  Romania. Until then I didn’t know to much about professional kickboxing and I tried my luck. Alin Panaite trusted me from the beginning, and was one of people who s. He is like my mentor because he is always in my corner, encourages me when I have problems with my opponent, and stood behind me for all these years. He give me good advice!

FSA: You’ve been fighting on SUPERKOMBAT for several years now. How has the company changed from when you first joined with them?

BA: Until 2010 the promotion was called Local Kombat, and in 2011 it made the transition to SUPERKOMBAT for international coverage. I was lucky enough to make my debut at the first Superkombat World Grand Prix in history after a colleaguewas  injured just 3 days before fight. I replaced him, and fought with Dzenan Poturak and I won by KO in the first round. This was my chance. Now, Superkombat is a big company, probably one of the major organizations in the stand-up world. Because of Superkombat’s big exposure, fans around the world always write me on facebook. Also, fans from Japan or from Germany recognize me on the streets. I’m honored to fight in such organization.

 FSA: In 2012 you were part of the K-1 show in Tokyo. What was it like being in Japan, and fighting on one of the country’s most famous promotions?

BA: I must say I was impressed by Japan because the kickboxing phenomena started there. I had the chance to see the japanese fanaticism for the sport.

 FSA: How did the fans react to you in Japan compared to Romania?

BA: I only got positive reactions, fans were waiting for us at the hotel for pictures and autographs. It’s special when you see your work it’s appreciated.

FSA: Knocking out Sergei Laschenko surprised everyone and really put your name on the map. You ranked in the top 10 Heavyweights in the world by Liverkick after you beat him. What did that victory mean to you?

BA: I was very happy because I met a top fighter, the Superkombat champion for 2011. That victory confirmed me at a high level, and now I think I can fight with anybody from any promotion.

FSA: You recently avenged one of your only losses to Jairzhino Rozenstruik. How does that feel?

BA: It’s a pretty special feeling because last time I fought Rozenstriuk he gave me the first loss of my career. It’s an important win for me and my moral is very high right now.

FSA: Is there anyone in particular you’re looking to fight next?

BA: I’m ready for any opponent, but I hope this year I get a rematch with Pavel Zhuravlev to show my real skills. Last time he got lucky.

FSA: Would you like to say anything to your fans?

BA: I want to thank all my fans for their support and I promise to those who believe in me I will work harder to prove myself and become one of the best fighters in the world.


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