1on1 with Andrew Leone post ONE FC victory in Manila

May 31st in Manila, Philippines saw Andrew Leone make his ONE FC debut on the ‘Rise To Power’ event.

one fc manila rise to power

The bout was a highly anticipated show-down as Andrew Leone had already made a name for himself in Asia with ROAD FC wins over Kyung Ho Kang and Min Jung Song. Andrew also got a 28 second Rnd1 submission win when he put Soo Chul Kim (current ONE FC champion) to sleep via guillotine. In-fact from Andrew’s 9 Pro MMA fights 8 of them have been right here in Asia.

His victory over the very tough Geje Eustaquio of Team Lakay in One FC takes Andrew Leone’s pro record to an impressive 7-2.

one fc andrew leoneandrew leone vs geje

FSA caught up with the 24 year old younger brother of the very talented ‘Leone Brothers’ …. the older brother being Anthony Leone (strikeforce & WEC veteran and current Bellator fighter).

leone brothers mma

FSA: Nice to catch you fresh off a successful win in ONE FC ‘Rise To Power’…. lets bypass the typical questions about you training in Thailand with your brother and how you got into MMA and all that… lets talk about the future…

Andrew Leone: Ok, whatever you want to talk about… lets do it.

FSA: Few questions to get out of the way before we go deep… Flyweight 57kg we heard you came in 0.8kg over the limit. what happened?

Andrew Leone: Yeah look i really am disappointed with myself about that. No excuses, i know now i need to do my full 5 weeks diet not the last 2/3 weeks. This wont happen again and Flyweight is where i am. I have over the last 4/6 months come to see that i have to do a few things a little more professional. Its life, we make some mistakes and we learn. Im after a Flyweight title so i know what i need to do.

FSA: Geje is a tough guy, most expected him to really bang and try stop the takedown. In reality he really didn’t get anything off standing but his submission defense was impressive and those short behind the back punches seemed annoying. Did the fight play out like you had thought or wanted?

Andrew Leone: Ahhh yeah look, i thought we would strike some more… i was ready for that and its something i want to show people. I was happy with my ability to hit the takedown and throws and to control the back. Geje is so tough, his strength was impressive and his sub defense really special. The punches over his shoulder were really annoying, they weren’t doing damage but they were really pissing me off. Geje was talking to me when he was doing it and i was just thinking ‘man i want to shut him up and choke him out’. Overall for me i was not happy with my overall performance, happy to win…yeah but i want that finish. I know what i need to do now and i know where i’m at. For sure im happy to have the win.

FSA: So you want Kojima next?

Andrew Leone: Why not, yeah. I will take whatever they want to give me but for sure i see Kojima as the force in the ONE FC flyweight division so i’d love that shot. I want to earn a Flyweight title shot. I’m also still fighting for ROAD FC and i’m loving that experience as well. Road FC has a 6 man flyweight tournament coming up and i feel like that’s got my name written all over it.

FSA: What do you want to show the Asian MMA fans and followers over the next few years?

Andrew Leone: I want to show them my whole skill set and some entertaining finishes. When i submitted Soo Chul Kim in real quick and he went to sleep, people seemed to really dig that. So i want more of that… i want people to really be entertained.

FSA: Any parting words before we let you go?

Andrew Leone: I really want to thank Phuket Top Team, my coaches my brother, my training partners all my sponsors – Grips, Klipsch, Molino Glass, Forgiven, Middleeasy.com, TFW Thailand and MBM online marketing. Also to my family and friends for supporting me through all this. I would be pretty happy to fight for ROAD FC & ONE FC and the flyweight title in both promotions. Lets see how it all plays out. Thanks FSA for the coverage as well.

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