Isamu Himura out of Malaysian prison and into Chinese men’s beds!

Isamu Himura is a name many in the Asian MMA scene cannot and will not forget easily.

Isamu Himura is the 4-8 pro MMA fighter.
He has fought in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Singapore.

For those who are unaware of Isamu’s legacy within Asian MMA i sincearly apologise that you have missed what can only be described as a truly epic tale of tragedy, jail, travelling, fighting and lets hope a happy ending.

Isamu spent time training, fighting and even some teaching within Asia. Eventually he stopped in Malaysia and was teaching students there until a tragic set of circumstances led to Isamu being arrested and spending time in a Malaysian Jail.

Isamu also posted a REDDIT page titled

I amA American guy who spent 1 month in a Malaysian Prison. Real life “Locked up Abroad” here. Ask me anything!

A must read!

Isamu has now freed himself from the Malaysian prison and is living and fighting in China.

His latest video blog is something you do NOT want to miss.



Reports from Isamu Himura is that he won the fight in quick fashion and that is his second win since being in China.


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