Muay Thai Clip of the Week: Swingin’ For the Fences

You hear that a phrase a lot in combat sports, don’t you? “He’s swinging for the fences now folks!”

Usually, throwing caution to the wind and standing toe-to-toe with your opponent trading haymakers isn’t all that common in Muay Thai. There’s a more measured approach, even when the full moon is out and the bloodlust creeps in between the bamboo shutters. But sometimes, you hit a guy over and over and over again, and he just does not go down. So what is there left to do but cock your fist back and let the thing fly like a Barry Bonds 400 foot homer?

Such was the case when Saeksan Or Kwanmuang took on Kaimukkao Chuwattana nearly two years. Thanks to LiveMuayThaiGuy, you can witness the violent fueled glory that took place below. If you get excited easily, be sure to have an extra case of Depends on hand.

Stay tuned in with FSA for more Muay Thai madness from around the web.


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