Beverwijk Top Team Owner Dick Vrij Arrested on Counts of Extortion, Provisionally Held for 90 Days

Late last month, Beverwijk  Top Team owner, Dick Vrij, was arrested on counts of blackmail and extortion against the former leader of the Netherland’s Hell’s Angels. As of today, his provisional sentence has been increased to 90 days.

In late May, the Netherlands’ police began to take action after an ongoing investigation found evidence of criminal activities within certain gang affiliated organizations. This culminated in a national campaign, in which state detectives made 10 arrests. Only three suspects are still in custody, two of which are well known throughout the country for their criminal exploits.

Vrij stands accused of money laundering, drug trafficking, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm.

Beverwijk Top Team is a relatively large gym in the Netherlands, holding affiliations to UFC fighters Gegard Mousasi, and Stefan Struve, as well as kickboxers L’houcine Ouzgni and Brian Dowes. Vrij himself is a former professional fighter, a current coach at Beverwijk Top Team, as well as the gym’s owner.



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