Krush.29 Results: Koya Urabe Wins 4 Man Lightweight Tournament

It was a big weekend in Japan.

June 15-16th not only saw the premier of Saenchai PK Muaythaigym on the kickboxing stage, but Krush.29 played host to a huge 4 man tournament involving the likes of Xavier Bastard, Koya Urabe, Naoki Ishikawa, and Fumiya Osawa with a ISKA Championship on the line.

In the semi-finals of the tournament, France’s Xavier Basterd pulled off a victory over Naoki Ishikawa. Ishikawa has long been considered one of the best at 60kg, drawing twice with current 60kg Krush champion Hirotaka Urabe. Basterd put a stop to Ishikawa’s momentum when he knocked the Japanese fighter down twice in the third round and was given the TKO win.

The other semi-final saw Koya Urabe and Fumiya Osawa rematch for the third time. In their first bout, Urabe KO’d Osawa with a beautiful flying knee, but in their second Urabe was countered and dropped while throwing the exact same technique. Unfortunately, that fight ended in a disqualification loss for Koya and many wondered if Fumiya could have pulled off the upset. This third confrontation put a definitive stamp on that question, as Urabe completely outworked his opponent over three rounds, dropping him once in the third to earn a unanimous decision victory.

In the tournament finals, Basterd and Urabe clashed over two rounds before the French fighter was cut across both eyelids. While Basterd felt he was winning the first up until that point the doctors had no choice but to call the fight off and award the victory to Koya Urabe.



This is a great win for Urabe, considering his brother and fellow Team Dragon member Hideaki Yamazaki have both captured Krush titles. This ISKA Championship finally gives Koya a belt to hold on to while he figures out what to do next. With Hirotaka and Yamazaki holding Krush belts at 60kg and 63kg respectively, he’s stuck in a negative zone until one of them loses.

Speaking of Hideaki Yamazaki, the 63kg title holder took on Ikki as defended his belt for the first time since winning the strap in a huge upset against top ten ranked Thomas Adamandopoulos. The Team Dragon member beat Ikki to the punch throughout the course of the night, landing a seriously nasty straight left in the second round that had his opponent dazed. Yamazaki won a decision on scores of 30-27, 29-27, and 30-27.

Also on the card, HIROYA continued to struggle, losing an extra round decision to NOMAN. While HIROYA kept the fight close, he wasn’t able to pull the trigger and land a definitive shot. This loss sees his record over the past three years plunge to 2-6, with his only victories coming over an aging Keiji Ozaki and Chonden Chuwattana. I still think that HIROYA is one of the most athletically gifted fighters at his weight division, but needs to settle down at a top level gym like Dragon before his career can take off.

You can check out the full results for Krush.29 below, and be sure to stay up to date with Fight Sport Asia on Facebook and twitter!


Tournament Semi-final 1: Xavier Basterd def. Naoki Ishikawa by TKO in Rd. 3

Tournament Semi-final 2: Koya Urabe def. Fumiya Osawa by Decision

Tournament Final: Koya Urabe def. Xavier Basterd by TKO (Cut) in Rd. 2

Hideaki Yamazaki def. Ikki by Decision (Krush 63kg Title fight)

NOMAN def. HIROYA by Decision

Yuzo Suzuki def. Takeshi Watanabe by Decision

Kobe Shota def. Uesugi Ryu Hayabusa by KO (High Kick) in Rd. 3

Tomoyuki def. Asami Zaurus by Unanimous Decision




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