Saenchai Wins Kickboxing Debut in Japan, Considering Move to K-1

It’s no secret that Japan is a somewhat reclusive country when it comes to their combat sports. Ever since the fall of PRIDE and K-1, the biggest Japanese promotions have been more than content to keep their operations local and out of the public eye. The Hoost Cup is one such venue.

It is one of the most difficult events to find results for, let alone video. However, it was on this show that Muay Thai icon and living legend, Saenchai PK Muaythaigym made his kickboxing debut, and now everyone is clamoring for fight footage.

Unfortunately, we are in that same mad scramble for information. What we do know is that Saenchai traveled to Japan yesterday to face Yosuke Mizuochi in a three round K-1 rules style fight. According to Yokkao and Kickboxing news King Kazuma Teruya, Saenchai dominated the bout from start to finish, easily winning by Unanimous Decision.

Yokkao has heavily insinuated that if Saenchai was successful in his kickboxing debut against Mizuochi, he might be making the move to K-1 in the very near future.


Saenchai in K-1 would certainly be an interesting proposition. Yokkao head Stefania Picelli has been seen around Thailand with K-1 owner Mike Kim recently, and it looks as if the two will be going into business soon.

While K-1’s 65kg division is virtually non-existent at the moment, it appears that the once struggling and bankrupt company is attempting to revitalize itself by bringing in a host of fresh talent from Thailand and around the world. Whether they have the funds or public support to rise from ashes is still out for debate, but signing a Muay Thai legend like Saenchai into the fold certainly can’t hurt your chances.

Also on the Hoost Cup card, K-1 legend and current GLORY fighter Yoshihiro Sato defeated the ever-eccentric, Nagashima Jienotsu Yuichiro. Nagashima is most well known for his flying knee KO of Shinya Aoki some time ago, but hasn’t been able to pull off a major kickboxing win in years. Sato, on the other hand, struggled through 2012 before picking up two solid wins against Henri Van Oepstal and San Hyung Lee. His Unanimous Decision victory over Nagashima pushes his undefeated streak to 3-0, and seems to have given him the confidence boost he needed to stay in the game.

For more information on Saenchai’s move to kickboxing and all your Japanese kickboxing needs, be sure to stay right here with Fight Sport Asia!


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