FSA Talks With Muay Thai Icon John Wayne Parr: “I’d Love to Have One Fight in the UFC”

John Wayne Parr is one of the nicest fighters you’ll ever meet. An International and Australian Muay Thai Legend, JWP has competed in organizations around the world- from K-1 to Shootboxing to Rajadamnern Stadium. We had the pleasure of catching up with John Wayne to talk with him about his revamped Muay Thai career, a possible transition to MMA, and his future plans in the sport. Check out the interview below, and be sure to follow JWP on twitter: https://twitter.com/johnwayneparr

Fight Sport Asia: You recently made your come-back fight against Mostafa Abdallahi. You looked great. How’d it feel stepping back into the ring after almost a year?

John Wayne Parr: It was great to get back in the ring doing what I love. When I retired after a few months I felt lost and life seemed empty. After 25 years  of fighting I thought I had enough, but all I needed was a break to remind me how much I love this sport.

FSA: Fadi Merza was your original opponent for that fight. What happened?

JWP: Fadi was happy to fight and put his belt up. Then 3 weeks out had a change of mind, he still wanted to fight me, just not for the title in case he lost. The WKA asked Fadi to plead his case why he changed his mind, but he never returned their email, so they had no option but to strip him of his title.

FSA: Next up for you in Marco “The Black Sniper” Pique in a caged muay thai fight. Pique’s got some big power when he’s in the right place physically. Are you worried about that at all?

JWP: I think Marco is a great fighter and I have been watching him for years. He has sharp technique and heavy hands, so I am not taking any short cuts in training. I am hoping for the best Marco possible and hope the crowd see an amazing fight they never forget.

FSA: What’s your gameplan for defeating Pique? Anything you can share?

JWP: I am treating this fight like every other. I am a pressure fighter, I will be in his face pushing the action. If he makes a mistake, I will take advantage and try and take him out with those little gloves. 

FSA: Will there be any way for us foreign fans to watch the events, or will we have to wait?

JWP: I was thinking of doing a Internet stream, but my budget is blown already with the production I am trying to provide for the crowd. People that are there live are in for a treat. When my shows start making a profit then hopefully I can use the Internet to my advantage to do live streams.

FSA: How much has caged muay thai been taking off in Australia?

JWP: I was lucky that my first 2 shows aired on Foxsports. The feedback has been very positive and everyone loves the intensity of the different level of violence the little gloves bring. I have had emails from fighters all over the world wanting to participate. UFC is so huge, CMT has evened the playing field to show we are just as much warriors as the MMA guys are, except we’re not afraid to trade.

FSA: Living in Thailand, I’ve been noticing tons of really great Aussie fighters coming up and training overseas. Guys like Toby Smith, Jay Tonks, Shaggy…When do you think Australia’s nak muays can contend for Lumpinee and Rajadamnern belts?

JWP: The best prospect we have right now is Toby Smith. He is doing the hard yards living and breathing the sport in Bangkok, and he is still so young. Unless your living there, fighting every few months, you’re never even going to get close.

FSA: You recently put up a radio interview where the host had some bad things to say about your daughter’s decision to compete in muay thai. Are people still coming at you with this negative angle?

JWP: No, everyone has been awesome. For 2 weeks in the media I was the worse father in Australia, but people on the street were coming up shaking my hand and patting my back saying keep going. What’s wrong with wanting your kid being healthy and wanting to be a winner? I watched a little girl enter the ring, but when the fight was over she become a little warrior. I am the proudest dad, just like any other father who lets their kids compete.

FSA: How is your daughter by the way? Is she still competing regularly?

JWP: She has only had two fights, for 2 draws. She has just started MMA now and wants to follow on Ronda Rousey’s footsteps.

FSA: Would you ever consider getting back into kickboxing?

JWP: Muay or K-1- I am Happy to fight. Straight kickboxing I can do but don’t see the point, no avenues to get famous.

FSA: Has GLORY made you any offers yet?

JWP: I was lucky to fight Lumpinee, Rajadumdern, 4 Kings birthdays, Super League, K-1 Max, and Contender. Glory is the biggest promotion in the world right now, but compared to the money I am making in Australia, Glory can’t match. I am happy to keep fighting in my back-yard and not having jet lag.

FSA: What goals do you have for this stage of your career?

JWP: My next fight is CMT 6th July, then I am fighting Joe Nader in Melbourne early November, then CMT again December 7. But the big news that is out of the blue is in September I am going to try out for TUF Australia vs Canada. Not sure I will get on, but after everything I have done in combat sports with kickboxing, Muay Thai, shoot boxing, boxing, even karate competitions, I would love to have just one fight in the UFC to complete the circle and be able say I am a all round martial artists.

FSA: Last thing- Would you like to say anything to your fans around the world?

JWP: Thank you for all the support for all these years. I really enjoy chatting to everyone on twitter and Facebook and keeping in touch, and sorry for the bad jokes ha ha. 

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