Buakaw Launches Counter-Suit Against Thai Fight

As if Buakaw’s legal troubles could get any more convoluted, the two time K-1 champion is responding to Thai Fight’s subpoena by announcing a lawsuit of his own.

Today in Thailand, Buakaw headed to the Bangkok North Municipal Court to file a lawsuit against Sport Art Co., the organizers behind the Thai Fight promotion. Thai Fight Vice-President Joe Puttarattamamane was named as the defendant. Buakaw will be suing Thai Fight on grounds of defamation.

As of now, the Banchamek team has not put forward any evidence supporting Buakaw’s charges.  The court date has not yet been revealed.

Late last month Buakaw announced that Thai Fight was pressing charges against his person in the amount of 50 million baht (Roughly $1.5 million USD) in contract breaches for matches against Harlee Avison and Malik Watson.

The trial against Buakaw is scheduled for July 15 in the Ratchada Court.


Buakaw with the signed lawsuit

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