Best of Siam 4 Results: Yetkin Ozkul Upsets Pornsaneh in Five Round Slugfest

Yesterday in France, Best of Siam 4 went down featuring some of the most well known French nak muays taking on their Thai counter parts. While standouts like Raphael Llodra, Djime Coulabily, Bobo Sacko, and Mehdi Zatout faced hard match-ups, the mosst anticipated match of the night was the guranteed war between two dynamic fighters from both countries: Pornsaneh Sitmonchai and Yetkin Ozkul. It should be interesting to note that France has never won against Thailand at a Best of Siam 4 event. Tonight that finally changed.

In the main event, Yetkin Ozkul and Sitmonchai put on one of the most entertaining performances of the year in a five round throwdown for the ages. They came out swinging in the first, with Ozkul landing some serious shots straight from the get-go. In the second,  Pornsaneh nearly drops Ozkul with a series of counter punches, but the French fighter shouldes on. The third round is much more even, as Pornsaneh begins to land his nasty trademnarked lowkicks, but Yetkin retaliates with well scoring kicks to the body and hard punches before ending the round with 7 spinning kicks in a row. It’s in the fourth however, that Ozkul really begins to shine. He totally outworks the Sitmonchai fighter, smashing the tired Thai with everything a book, At the end of 5, Ozkul took home a well earned Unanimous decision victory over one of the most entertaining fighters in the business.

In the co-main event, Mehdi Zatout defeated Dawut Pran26 in a somewhat controversial decision. While the French fighters had a strong first two rounds, he was controlled by Dawut in the third, fourt, and fifth, and shoud have been given an 8 count after falling to one of the Thai’s shots in the third. He was awarded the split decision victory however, and announced after the fight he would face world renowned Fabio Pinca in September.

Also on the card, rising star Raphael Llodra faced his toughest challenge yet against Panom TopKingboxing. While the first three rounds were a sloppy affair that leaned in favor of the Thai, Llodra pushed the pace in rounds four and five, came on strong, and earned a split decision victory. Llodra is easily one of the biggest new names out of France, and has shown the talent to evolve his game at extremely rapid speeds, sometimes evenmid-fight. It will be interestng to see where he goes from here, and how he’ll do against the truly top talent in the 70kg division.

In perhaps the most one-sided affair of the night, Djime Coulibaly beat down Yodpayak Kaoklaigym en route to a unanimou decision victory. Djime scored a nasty knockdown in the closing stanza of the fourth round, but beat the Thai to the punch throughut the night, all while dodging high kicks in matrix-like fashion.

The sole win for Thailand came when Petchasawin Seatranferry outmaneuvered veteran Bobo Sacko in a split decision victory. While Sacko had his moments, Petchasawin landed more over the course of the fight.

Overall, it was a great night for the French nak muays. Despite a semiquestionable decision, they went 4-1 against the Thai representatives for the first time ever. This achievemnent is even more impressive considering it was done over two highly lauded names in the sport- Pornsaneh and Pakom.

All play-by-play for the night came courtsey of the indispensable Baba Smirs.

Check out the full results below, and be sure to stick with FSA for all your muay thai needs.


Yetkin Ozkul def. Pornsaneh Sitmonchai by Unanimous Decision

Mehdi Zatout def. Dawut Pran26 by Split Decision

Raphael Llodra def. Panom Topkingboxing by Split Decision

Djime Coulabily def. Yodpayak Kaoklaigym by Unanimous Decision

Petchasawin Seatranferry def. Bobo Sacko by Split Decision


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