GLORY 9 NYC: Livestream and Play-By-Play

Tonight in New York City, USA, kickboxing mega corporation GLORY is set to premier on American soil in a moment of genuine kickboxing history.

Slated to begin at 8 p.m. local time, GLORY 9 NYC features a stacked Light-heavyweight tournament, and is rounded off with superfights starring the likes of Daniel Ghita, Brice Guidon, Errol Zimmerman, Rico Verhoeven, and more.

The GLORY light heavyweight will star one one of the top kickboxers in the world and tournament favourite Tyrone Spong who will be competing alongside the likes of Michael Duut, Steve McKinnon, Danyo Ilunga, Mourad Bouzidi, and Filip Verlinden.

Also on the card, America’s finest stand up fighters are set to make their debut on the world stage with Joe Vatellini taking on Francois A bang, the inclusion of Dustin Jacoby and Brian Collette in the light heavyweight tourney, and Road to GLORY 85kg tournament winner Mike Lemaire set to perform in front of the New York crowd.

We’ll be doing live updates and play by play of the event here at FSA, so be sure to follow along with us in approximately two hours time for full coverage.

LHW Final: Tyrone Spong vs. Danyo Ilunga 

Round 1: Tournament finale coming up, so it’s going to be an exciting bout for sure, easily the two top guys in the division. The two exchange early on and en Spong throws a hard flurry that landed mainly against Ilunga’s gloves. Suddenly the ref jumps in and waves it off. Ilunga is still standing, not hurt. What just happened exactly?

Result: Tyrone Spong def. Danyo in Rd. 1

LHW Semi-final: Tyrone Spong vs. Filip Verlinden

Round 1: Spong begins by throwing some crushing kicks to the body and linking together combination.s, but Verlinden isn’t getting overwhelmed. A relatively even round, although I’ll give Spong the slight advantage for his movement, avoiding damage, and work rate. 10-9 Spong

Round 2: Another relatively peaceful round with guys both seemingly content to sit back and pick their shots wisely. 10-9 Spong

Round 3: Same as Round 2, except Spong started to put more heat on his shots near the end. Verlinden holds his own well though, and his technician’s gameplan keeps him in the running. He’s still not outlanding Spong though, and will more than likely lose a decision. 10-9 Spong

Result: Tyrone Spong def. Filip Verlinden by Unanimous Decision 

LHW Semi-final: Danyo Ilunga vs. Dustin Jacoby

Round 1: Jacoby is extremely impressive. Lands some sharp shots against Ilunga who gives his own back in kind. Ilunga turns up the pressure, but Jacoby’s boxing and defense is solid. Surprisingly I’d give the round to Jacoby, 10-9.

Round 2: Danyo is starting to slow Jacoby down with leg kicks. Jacoby is beginning to tire visibly, and Ilunga’s pace is only increasing, An outright round for the number ranked light heavyweight. 10-9 Ilunga

Round 3: Absolute domination now by Ilunga. Jacoby is riddled with leg kicks and is limping around the ring but refuses to fall. Ilunga lands at will throughout the remainder of the fight, but simply can’t take Jacoby out of the game. 10-9 Ilunga

Result: Danyo Ilunga def. Dustin Jacoby by Decision

Daniel Ghita vs. Brice Guidon

Round 1: Both guys trade leg kicks, Ghita looks in good shape.  Ghita lands a hard hook and guidon is wobbled. The Savage Samurai pounces and unleashes a barrage that ends with a devastating left that snaps Guidon’s head. He’s out on his feet, and stiff when he hits the ground.

Result: Daniel Ghita def. Brice Guidon in Round 1

Joe Valtellini v s Francois Ambang

Round 1: Relatively even round, both guys trading, although Valtelini seems to be getting the better of the kicking game. joe wades in and get wobbled my a massive overhand right, but fights back to end strong. 10-9 Valtellini

Round 2: Francois ambang comes out to murder, and in the first minute has Joe on the back foot. Halfway through the round though, Ambang’s cardio looks sapped and Valtellini comes back furiously, rocking Francois in and pinning him to the ropes. 10-9 Valtellini

Round 3: Valtellini’s chopping low kicks throughout the fight have started to take effect, and after two Ambang is hopping on one leg. A few more and Valtellini puts the Road to Glory winner on the canvas. Ambang makes the count but can’t walk out, and the fight is called to a stop.

Result: Joe Valtellini def. Francois ambang by TKO in Rd. 3 

LHW Tourney- Tyrone Spong vs. Michael Duut

Round 1: The round opens and BOOM!! Massive right hand from duut andSpong is on the floor for an 8 count. Spong is back up quick though. Duut coming in looking to finish and BANG!! An even harder right hand, from Spong this time. No way Duut is getting up from that.

Result: Tyrone Spong def. Michael Duut by KO in Round 1

LHW Tourney- Steve McKinnon vs. Filip Verlinden

Round 1: McKinnon comes out looking very good and extremely fast, although Verlinden lands a blazingly face left low kick that looks like it may have hurt McKinnon’s knee. Verlinden comes on strong once he senses McKinnon’s moment of weakness. The Belgian connects with some good punching combinations and a flurry to end the round. 10-9 Verlinden

Round 2: McKinnon looks energized as he comes out in the second, pushing Verlinden back with a furious pace. Not much heavy lands, but McKinnon’s kicks to the body and legs are ruthless and repetitive. 10-9 McKinnon.

Round 3: No idea where McKinnon is getting his stamina from, but amazingly he’s keeping up his pace from Round 2. Sharp, sharp kicks from McKinnon, the Aussie is pushing Verlinden back and connecting with some brutal shots to the legs and spinning kicks. Great final round for Steve. 10-9 McKinnon

Result: Filip Verlinden def. Steve McKinnon by Majority Decision

LHW Tourney: Dustin Jacoby vs. Brian Collette

Round 1: Both fighters tentative, Jacoby throwing bombs, but everything lands on Collette’s gloves. Collette picking his shots and making contact with some sharp leg kicks. Not much of significane landed, but Collette had the more effective shots. 10-9 Collette

Round 2: Another extremely close round. The first half leaned towards Jacoby, the second toward Collette. Again, nothing massive from either end, I have it even. 10-10 Draw.

Round 3: Jacoby senses that this final round carries a lot of weight and comes out on fire. Collette peppers with low kicks, but Jacoby starts landing some punishing shots as the Lion drops his hands and fades back. Collette gets stunned by a long hook and stops kicking. 10-9 Jacoby

Result: Dustin Jacoby def. Brian Collette by Majority Decision

LHW Tourney: Danyo Ilunga vs. Mourad Bouzidi

Round 1: Frantic pace from the onset, sloppy and wild, Bouzidi looking to move in and force the clinch as Ilunga tries to make distance. Even first round for the most part, although Ilunga starts to take over just a bit at the end. I have it even. 10-10 Draw

Round 2: Ilunga is starting to capitalize a bit on Bouzidi’s waning cardio, but both guys are really going at it and pushing the pace. Danyo connects with good shots off the top of the glove, and is beginning to find his range on the step-up knee while Mourad seems to be struggling a bit with his wind, 10-9 Ilunga

Round 3: It’s all Ilunga now as the German based fighter starts to mercilessly plod forward while keeping up his ridiculous pace. Near the end of the third, Ilunga lands a really solid hook that puts Bouzidi on the back foot. Danyo goes in for the kill, but can’t put him away. 10-9 Ilunga

Result: Danyo Ilunga def. Mourad Bouzidi by Decision

Anderson B. Silva vs. Daniel Sam

Round 1: Silva clearly the faster fighter, as Sam outweighs him by nearly forty pounds. Silva landing some solid body blows and thudding left kicks. Sam lands a nice short uppercut, but then gets countered by a fast left hook that sends him reeling. good start for Silva. 10-9 Silva

Round 2: Silva still out-manuevering Sam, landing powerful lead leg kicks, pressing forward into the clinch and making the most of some hard body shots. not an especially action packed round from either guy, but when Sam throws it’s thunderous. 10-9 Silva

Round 3: More of the same in the final round, Silva outworking Sam and staying busy. Silva connects with somea front leg hook kick and some lightning quick body shots. Sam doesn’t seem able to track the smaller fighter, he’s being entirely outpaced. 10-9 Silva.

Result: Anderson B. Silva def. Daniel Sam by Decision

Artem Vakhitov vs. Luis Tavares

Round 1: Vakhitov looks big for his weight, stalks Tavares and lands a few good shots. Tavares responds but is backed up and hit with a nasty spinning backfist! HUGE body shot from Vakhitov! Right to the liver, and down goes Tavares. He’s not getting up.

Result: Artem Vakhitov def. Luis Tavares by KO in Rd. 1

Randy Blake vs. Koichi- LHW Tournament Reserve

Round 1: Blake comes out landing solid shots, his movements throwing Koichi off, Nice stiff right for Blake, lands some solid body kicks. Not much response from Koichi. 10-9 Blake

Round 2: Same schtick. Koichi just can’t keep up wtih Blake. the American is landing whatever he wants, darting in and out and pushing Koichi against the ropes. A little sign of life from Koichi in the second, but not much. 10-9 Blake

Round 3: Total dominance by Blake, from start to finish. Blake is looking far better than he has in any of his earlier kickboxing appearances. Cruises to the final bell, and will take the first fight of the night by decision. 10-9 blake

Result: Randy Blake def. Koichi by Unanimous Decision


Brett Hlavacek def. Paul Marfort by Unanimous Decision

Robby Plotkin def. Casey Greene by TKO in Rd. 1

Nick Pace def. Levan Makashvili by majority decision

 Chris Mauceri def. Niko Tsigaras by Unanimous Decision

Andrew Ball def. James Smith Jr by KO in Rd. 3

Andrea DeAngelo def. Laura Byrnds by Unanimous Decision

You can find a link to the livestream below below by clicking the image below, which is available on PPV.



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