Now That’s What I Call a Fight: Pornsaneh vs. Yetkin Ozkul (Video)

Pornsaneh is one of those rare fighters that never fails to put on an entertaining performance. While many have criticized his wild style as lacking in typical Thai finesse, the rest of us combat die-hards squeal like little girls whenever we hear about his next match-up. He is without a doubt one of the most insanely dynamic, balls-to-the-walls nak muays in the business.

A few days ago in France, Yetkin Ozkul decided he’d put Pornsaneh’s title of “Most Exciting” to the test in the main event of Best of Siam 4. One of the most well traveled French fighters of the past few years, Ozkul came out to the ring content to stand in front of Pornsaneh and trade until one of them fell down. Halfway through the third round, Ozkul  thought to himself, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I can do some sort of awesome spinning move that would make this fight even more badass?…Oh wait, I can do that!” Ozkul then launched himself into a hurricane of spinning kicks, while Pornsaneh, ever the gentleman, kindly waited until he was finished before trying to break his legs with lowkicks.

Seriously, this is a must watch fight. You can check the full brawl below, and be sure to keep up with Fight Sport Asia for all your Muay Thai needs.


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