Muay Thai Clip of the Week: From Japan, With Love

Naoki Ishikawa is one of the most well known 60 kilogram fighters in Japan. Known for being long, lanky,and vicious (like…a coral snake or something) the perennial Krush title contender has had some absolutely amazing fights over the past few years, including the draw of a lifetime against Hirotaka Urabe in late 2012.

Naoki wasn’t always a kickboxer however. Like many top fighters in Japan, especially from the old school era of stand-up fighting, Ishikawa was originally a Thai boxer who then made to organizations like Krush and RISE for a significant increase in funds. Back in the day though, Ishikawa racked up some pretty impressive KO’s as a nak muay., including over Thai competition.

Flying knee knockouts aren’t exactly the most common occurrence in combat sports, but for some reason the Japanese seem to have cornered the market on insane leaping KO’s. Check out the video below of a shaggy, younger Naoki Ishikawa throwing a flying knee that landed so flush the Norse Gods paused mid Ragnarok because hey sensed a disturbance in the force.


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