Spinning-Tornado-Taekwondo-Massacre in a Kickboxing Ring

Taekwondo is like the nerdy little brother of Muay Thai.

Since 1992, Taekwondo has become somewhat of a laughing stock in full combat sport circles. Muay Thai and Kickboxing practitioners often turn their noses up at the fully-padded, swap-kicking, “kiya’ing” martial artists getting lost in forms and breaking boards.

But here’s something most people forget: In the early 90’s and before, Taekwondo was one of the most legitimate hardass full contact sports in the world. Look at legendary fighters like Steve “Superkick” Vick, or UFC heavyweight champion and iconic American kickboxer, Maurice Smith. Before the Olympics came and stole Taekwondo’s thunder by slapping heavy-pads on people’s chest and reducing the sport to staring contests and bird calls, TKD’s kicking game was nothing to wag a finger at.

Sadly, those days have long since passed. While K-1 fighters like Serkan Yilmaz and Keiji Ozaki were certainly the most successful Taekwondo fighters of recent days, their ilk is few and far between. That’s why it’s so cool to see a reverse jump spinning back kick KO pop up every now and then. And of course when it does, it comes from Korea.

Check out this TKD fighters speedy victory against what may or may not be a legitimate Nak Muay as the video suggests. Either way it’s pretty badass.


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