FSA Interviews Nathan “Carnage” Corbett: Talks GLORY, Spong, and Rumors

There are few heavier weight Muay Thai fighters more well known or more dangerous than Nathan “Carnage” Corbett. The Australian native is universally ranked as the #1 95kg Nak Muay in the world, known for his fierce elbows and destructive punching power. We caught up with Nathan fresh off his trip to Pattaya, Thailand to train with Fairtex Gym to talk Muay Thai, GLORY, and Tyrone Spong.

Fight Sport Asia: You just completed training with Fairtex Gym in Pattaya. How was that experience?

Nathan Corbett: I’ve loved the experience of coming back to Thailand. It’s been 8 years since the last time I had trained over here and it’s been exciting and motivating to get back to the traditional roots of Muay Thai.

FSA: Who have you got the most from working with at Fairtex?

NC: When I came to Fairtex I asked Ted to pair me up with someone who could teach more technicalities of the sport rather than fitness. So I started working with Dang on some grappling skills and some tricks and he really got to share with me some of the traditional techniques on Mauy Thai.

It was also great having a champion like Yodsanklai training at the gym as well just watching his level of skill was great motivation.

FSA: Are you thinking about coming out again relatively soon, or will it be a while before we see you in Thailand again?

NC: Yeah, I enjoyed it so much I have already booked myself to go back in a few weeks for some more training. This time I’m hoping to focus on some sparring in preparation for October.


FSA: I know Thailand is a pretty popular vacation spot in Australia. Do you come out here often just to relax? I hear the beaches in Pattaya are pretty great.

NC: It’s actually been my first trip to Pattaya, and I kind of utilized my stay for training and some relaxing, but my main reason for this trip was to re-motivate myself and learn some new skills. The beaches were nice but nothing compared my home town of the Gold Coast, We have the most amazing beaches in the world!

FSA: Obviously, the big news with you right now is signing with GLORY. First off, can you tell us how that came about?

NC: GLORY has been in contact with me  over the past 12 months about doing something with them, but due to my own commitments here with establishing Total Carnage Promotions and timing it never really fit in my schedule. Now it’s all just kind of fallen into place and the timing was right to get on board.

FSA: This only a two fight deal, so it’s more of a trial run right? Do you think you could see yourself staying on board with Glory long term if the price was right?

NC: I don’t see it as a trial run, they were able to offer me the 2 fights non-exclusive so I could still fight Muay Thai in Australia. If things go well in these next 2 fights we can look at the possibilities for the future

FSA: Honestly, most of us were expecting that you’d switch over to a major promotion earlier. Especially since guys like Steve Moxon and Steve McKinnon have jumped ship. Why did it take so long in your case?

NC: The two main reasons would be that previously that whole scene had been dominated by super heavy weights, and after years of climbing up in weight from the 86kgs weight division I feel  most comfortable with my current weight now.  It would not be ideal for me to push to be over 95kgs like most of the other boys. The other reason is that K1 rules were never something I was really interested to move to. I am a Muay Thai fighter and love what I do and so it had to take something extra promising to push me towards that direction.

FSA: There’s a lot of speculation out there that you were asked to throw the Tyrone Spong fight, and that not doing so got you in trouble., and may have had something to do with you staying away from kickboxing. Any of that true?

NC: This is the first time I’ve heard this rumour! It’s always funny hearing stories like this. I’ve worked really hard throughout my profession to be the best and wouldn’t just throw that away. I have stayed away from Kickboxing because I’m not a kickboxer, I’m a Thai fighter and unless the opportunity to fight another ruleset is too good to pass up I’m going to stick to what I do best.

FSA: Speaking of Spong, you’re obviously the biggest threat to that 95 kg belt he earned in NYC a few weeks ago. Is there anything that stands out about his game now that was different from when he fought you back in 2009?

NC: He’s style hasn’t seemed to change but he’s getting bigger and stronger, I think training in the US has been beneficial for him.

FSA: Is there anyone else you’d particularly like to fight in GLORY? Guys like Danyo Ilunga, maybe Gohkan Saki?

NC: These two opponents are GLORY superstars and if the opportunity presents itself and the timing and purse are right, I would love to step into the ring with them

FSA: You and McKinnon have somewhat of an ongoing rivalry as the two top 95kg Australian Nak muays. How do you feel about his last two losses in Glory?

NC: He fought really well and I think both fights could have gone either way as they were close. Unfortunately for McKinnon they did not go in his favour.

FSA: Change of subject, but I’m sure you saw John Wayne Parr was trying out for the UFC. Do you have an opinion on that?

NC: John Wayne Parr is a warrior, he has dominated Muay Thai, boxing and I’m sure he will do well in MMA so I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

FSA: Where do you see yourself further down the road? Are you planning on opening your own gym one day?

NC; At this stage opening up my own gym isn’t in the near future. I want to be able to continue fighting without the responsibility of running the gym, so I want to just focus on one thing at a time. When it’s time to retire who knows??

FSA: Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

NC: Just a big thank you for the ongoing support! I’ve recently started getting into the whole “social media” thing and it’s amazing how many people will send really inspirational messages to me I never realized what I do for a living could impact so many people so it’s just humbling knowing that I have such a loyal fan base so THANK YOU!


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