Muay Thai Clip of the week ‘Petjeeja the girl beating the boys’


Petjeeja Or Boonchuay (Or Meekhun) (red) vs Kaewkla Kiatkongrit (blue) at 100lbs.

From Aswindam Stadium, Bangkok Thailand on the 13th October 2013.


After 4-5 fights Phetjee Jaa found a gym to train her, the Toyota gym in Rayong.  However, after 1 year training there Phetjee Jaa learned that they were not supportive of female fighters and at that her father decided to invest in setting up a gym at their home for Phetjee Jaa and her brother Mawin.  It was a considerable expense, costing almost 10,000 Baht ($333 USD) as well as requiring the family to purchase a truck with which to transport the fighters to promotions.  The children’s father became their trainer, developing their skills at the family gym named Mee Khun (มีคุณ), roughly meaning to have obligation, and Phetjee Jaa began fighting all over the Northeastern and Southern Provinces, gaining experience and a name for herself.  As of the publishing of the article I read, at the age of 10, Phetjee Jaa had fought more than 20 girls and more than 70 boys.

FULL ARTICLE on Petjeeja via 8limbs




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One Comment on “Muay Thai Clip of the week ‘Petjeeja the girl beating the boys’”

  1. panterawrr
    October 15, 2013 at 2:57 am #

    She is a one very tough girl!

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