ONE FC 11: Aoki showcases grappling prowess en route to Unanimous Decision victory in co-main event

It was a successful debut for Aoki at 145-lbs in ONE FC’s co-main event at “Total Domination”.

Aoki needed quite some time to recover in the early stages of the round, after getting hit in the nuts from a kick by Cody Stevens. As the fight continued, Aoki landed a much-anticipated takedown. He then slowly progressed to full mount, but that position was reversed by Stevens who landed some bombs before both fighters got back to their feet. Aoki landed a second takedown, but Stevens did well from the bottom, limiting Aoki’s offensive maneuvers. The round ended with Aoki in top position, and perhaps ahead on the score cards.

The Japanese vet started the second round with another takedown, and as the round went by, he did well in top control. Stevens, at this point, was struggling to mount an offense, with Aoki displaying his grappling prowess once again. With not no submission attempts and very little ground-and-pound, Aoki finished the round with top control again.

Round 3 started and you guessed it; Aoki landed yet another takedown. Despite showing  good defense for most points of the fight, Stevens was still unable to mount a proper offense. As Aoki continued to display his dominance on the ground, he slowly made his way to the back of Stevens towards the end of the first frame, although he was unable sink in the choke.

Aoki won by Unanimous Decision, in a what was a one-sided Featherweight affair.

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