ONE FC 11: Mizuno’s drop to 185-lbs a success, gains Unanimous Decision victory over Silva

The fight hits the mat soon enough, with Mizuno on top, but the Japanese vet fails to do anything substantial. As they got back to their feet,  it soon become a really good striking exchange between both fighters. After a spectacular suplex takedown, in which Mizuno quickly recovered, Silva landed lots of clean shots on the face of his opponent. He replicated another suplex, but it was Mizuno who made the most of it this time around with a short Kimura and a leg-lock attempt. The striking exchanges were certainly in the favor of Silva, who landed lots of hard shots on Mizuno in the first frame.

In the second stanza, Mizuno, with his face bloodied up, looked to be struggling with his range in his Southpaw stance. However, as the round progressed, even with Silva landing a takedown, Mizuno seemed to have found his rhythm, particularly with his knees. In what was otherwise a round filled with some great striking exchanges, the last minute or so saw both fighters ensue their battle up against the cage.

It was all one way traffic at the start of the third round with Mizuno having Silva up against the cage. Desperate for a finish, the Japanese fighter landed multiple punches and a couple of soccer kicks in hopes of getting a stoppage. As Silva gave up his back, Mizuno looked to capitalize on a kimura but to no avail. With Silva visibly tired, Mizuno stepped it up a notch by landing a takedown. The crowd urged Mizuno on for some ground-and-pound, but Silva survived the onslaught as the fight came to a halt.

A great scrap between both combatants.

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