Pattaya CAGE WARS results from October 5th

PATTAYA CAGE WARS kicked off there inaugural event as Thailand MMA has now seemingly been accepted by the powers that be.

5th October @ Pattaya Boxing World Stadium featured 11 figths on the card.

Results were as follows:

1 Female:

Wassana (THAI) vs Por Riya (THAI)

(Wassana winner by submission – 1st round)

2 – Ratcharat (THAI) vs Lonely Man (THAI)

(Ratcharat winner by TKO…broken arm – 2nd round)

3 Female:

Gor Muchzhima (THAI) vs Por (THAI)

(Por winner by judge’s decision)

4Emilis Jaskevicius (LITHUANIA) vs Por Samingdam (THAI)

(Emilis Jaskevicius winner by submission – 1st round)

5 – Country Kid (THAI) vs Nirun Phutmee (THAI)

(Nirun Phutmee winner by submission – 1st round)

6Detchadin (THAI) vs Heam (THAI)

(Detchadin winner by stoppage/TKO – 1st round)

7 – Tim Kist (USA) vs Aden Baron (AUSTRALIA)

(Aden Baron winner by submission – 1st round)

8 – B1 (THAI) vs Josh ‘Wolfman Smith’ (NEW ZEALAND)

(Josh ‘Wolfman’ Smith winner –opponent didn’t answer 3rd round bell)

9 – Amr Maher (EGYPT) vs Andreas Da Forno (CHILE)

(Andreas Da Forno winner by submission – 1st round)

10 – Gomma (THAI) vs Doze (THAI)

(Doze winner by submission – 2nd round)

11Glenn Sparv (FINLAND) vs Johnny Wand (USA)

(Glenn Sparv winner by stoppage – cut to opponent eye – 2nd round)

_MG_2455 _MG_2969 _MG_2982


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  1. November 8, 2013 at 3:55 am #

    Watch the highlights video of Cage Wars MMA at Pattaya Boxing World Stadium 5th Oct. 2013.

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