Masakazu Sakai discusses King of Pancrase, WSOF & 2014

Pancrase held a press conference earlier today in Tokyo, Japan.

It was attended by CEO Masakazu Sakai, who went on to discuss the recent partnership with the fast-rising World Series of Fighting, and the future of Pancrase.

– He stated that fighters who held the prestigious King of Pancrase title, or were a top ranked fighter would have the chance at competing for the WSOF.

– There’s also talk of a Tournament being held next year, possibly in May. Masakazu Sakai goes on to say it all comes down to timing though.

– After 20-years inside the ring, Pancrase will be changing to the cage in April 2014. They will adopt the same type of cage as the World Series of Fighting’s ten-sided Decagon.

March 30th will be the last time Pancrase holds an event inside the famed ring.

Pancrase held their first caged event “Bayside Fights” earlier last month. The show proved successful, and the promotion is already booked for a second event on New Year’s Eve.

So, the major changes you can expect in 2014 will be the transition from ring to cage, and the changing of the rules. Pancrase will adopt the unified ruleset.

Current King & Queen of Pancrase

– (185 lbs) Middleweight: Ryo Kawamura
– (170 lbs) Welterweight: Takenori Sato
– (155 lbs) Lightweight: Isao Kobayashi
– (145 lbs) Featherweight: Takumi Nakayama
– (135 lbs) Bantamweight: Shintaro Ishiwatari
– (125 lbs) Super Flyweight: Kiyotaka Shimizu
– (120 lbs) Flyweight: Mitsuhisa Sunabe
– (135 lbs) Women’s Bantamweight: Rin Nakai

Photo credit: Pancrase
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