ONE FC – Nobutatsu Suzuki vs Adam “Shogun” Shahir Kayoom


Malaysia’s Adam Shahir Kayoom and Japan’s Nobutatsu Suzuki are about to clash in the most highly anticipated world championship title bout on 15 Nov in Kuala Lumpur!

Kayoom is the first Malaysian to make it to world championship title contention and he will be fighting in front of his home crowd as he makes his bid to establish himself as the Welterweight King of ONE FC.

Adam is a top 10 ranked Radjadarmnern muay thai fighter as well as a brazilian jiu jitsu black belt with many tournament wins under his belt.

In Mixed Martial Arst adam is a 4-1 professional with 2 big wins in the ONE FC over Gregor Gracie and Zuli Silamanto.

Nobutatsu Suzuki put an end to more than one MMA legend’s career enroute to his title shot and he wants to prove that his extensive Karate base is more than a match for any martial art in the cage.

Suzuki is a Karate styled MMA fighter with an impressive 10- pro record with all 10 wins via Knockout!

This fight is going to guarantee fireworks.

Adam has the reach of a neanderthal, with arms that appear to sit somewhere near his knees at full relaxation.

Suzuki has amassed his knockouts mostly from the inside, mostly with knees (4 KOs via knees) and sharp hands on the inside.

I think it’s a fair assumption to say in the stand up its a battle for who can control the distance. On the ground Adam surely has the advantage… but getting it to the ground is another matter all together.

Either way this fight is sure to entertain on Novermber 15th



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