Superkombat World Grand Prix Final Elimination Fight Card & Live Stream

SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix – Final Elimination will take place on 9th of November in Ploiesti, Romania, with Catalin Morosanu, Raul Catinas, 4 eliminatory fights and two title eliminatory fights on the agenda. In total, warriors from 12 different countries will try to get their ticket for SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix – Final, scheduled on 21st of December in Galati, Romania.

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SUPERKOMBAT® New Heroes Middleweight Title Eliminator – Middleweight Bout (-71.00kg)
Amansio Paraschiv (Romania) vs. Mohamed Ben Ali (Morocco)

Final Elimination / Spot 1 – Heavyweight Bout (+96.00kg)
Mathieu Kongolo (Belgium) vs. Giannis Stoforidis (Greece)

Final Elimination / Spot 2 – Heavyweight Bout (+96.00kg)
Muamer Tufekcic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) vs. Frank Munoz (Spain)

Final Elimination / Spot 3 – Heavyweight Bout (+96.00kg)
Jegish Yegoian (Armenia) vs. Redouan Cairo (Suriname)

Final Elimination / Spot 4 – Heavyweight Bout (+96.00kg)
D’Angelo Marshall (Suriname) vs. Pacome Assi (Cote D’Ivoire)

SUPERKOMBAT® Super Cruiserweight Title Eliminator / Spot 2 – Super Cruiserweight Bout (-95.00kg)
Massinissa Hamaili (France) vs. Ondrej Hutnik (Czech Republic)

SUPERKOMBAT® Cruiserweight Title Eliminator – Cruiserweight Bout (-92.00kg)
Igor Bugaenko (Belarus) vs. Jorge Loren (Spain)

Super Fight – Heavyweight Bout (+96.00kg)
Ricardo Van Den Bos (Netherlands) vs. Raul Catinas (Romania)

Super Fight – Heavyweight Bout (+96.00kg)
Daniel Lentie (Cameroon) vs. Catalin Morosanu (Romania)


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