DARE Fight Sports – The Million Dollar Tournament Episode 1: “Iron Fist vs. The Joe Ray”

DARE Fight Sports has continued to be the premiere MMA organisation in Thailand, one of the top in Asia and more than all of that – DARE have consistently gone with a format of fights, production, releasing fights, commentary and even rule sets – that have pushed the boundaries and arguably created new boundaries in doing so.

DARE begun as a nice yet contained MMA promotion in a cage, presented live from Bangkok – Thailand.

Then the ‘banning’ of MMA came about, DARE moved to a format of ‘underground’ MMA. Still in the ring, but fights were with invite only crowds and episode were then released 1 fight per week with a very unique layout.

(check out DARE MMA on YOUTUBE for all the previous events/fights)

DARE then went about getting MMA recognized and supported in Thailand, bringing them to a once again open and sanctioned format. Were DARE content?

NO…. DARE chose to announce PRIDE rules, in a RING and the continuation of the 1 million dollar tournament.

Well the event went down, those in attendance raved about the energy and incredible standard and excitement of fights on offer.
I personally sat back grinding my teeth waiting for the fights to be uploaded…. time passed… then up pop’s episode 1 right here, right now.

DARE MMA sticking with the 1 fight per episode and a production/release approach that is truly one of the most unique and progressive ways i have seen MMA handed to the masses. (whats also nice is the FREE fight aspect)

I personally enjoyed this style of release… i could say it’s kind of like a wine that’s flavor mellowed out on my pallet as i swished it around my mouth… but i dont swish wine, i gulp it.

So i’d rather say i found DARE’s episode style more like the first time i had a girlfriend/one night partner ask me to choke them. At first i was thinking “that’s just crazy, there’s no way im going to change what we got going and start some risky, possibly overly dangerous stuff right now”

but… once i lent myself to the idea, recognised it was what the girl wanted and applied myself firm but with direction and control…. i found it was a damn exciting element to the whole experience.

DARE like my experience with women for a tendency to be choked, has provided something fresh, something exciting and something the MMA fans wont forget easily.

Enjoy Episode 1 THE Joe Ray Vs Iron Fist

Joe Ray – http://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Joe-Ray-59141 11-3 pro riding a 5 fight win streak

Most notable win: 14 second KO over highly touted Zorobabel http://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Zorobabel-Moreira-41618

“iron fist” Ole Laursen http://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Ole-Laursen-15394 6-4 pro who also fights world class level K-1

Most notable win: an absolute war and FOTN Vs top ranked Eduard Folayang http://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Eduard-Folayang-40882


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