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FSA: Hello Jussi, you must be a happy man after the “DARE – REBELS OF MMA” event. 7 fights, 6 finishes with the 1 decision fight being Fight Of The Night worthy. What are your thoughts on the event?

Jussi: Thank you. The event went all in all very well and we are very happy about the results that were created and about the fact that this was the 1st government approved MMA event in Thailand and a show that is now widely considered to be one of the best MMA events in Asia this year.

This has given us yet another great reason to make our upcoming January 25th event even better!

FSA: In your eyes what makes DARE stand out from the trend and other promotions in the Asian MMA scene?

Jussi: DARE delivers. No bullshit, no hype about this and that and making a big talk about stuff that doesn’t really interest anyone.
DARE is right now changing the way that MMA is seen in Asia. We are bringing the FIGHT back to the Asian MMA, because in my opinion, Asian MMA scene has generally never been this boring before, as its become during the past year, when we were away…
We are happy to say that DARE is now back in the limelight to make Asian MMA exciting and interesting again.

What then makes us different than other Asian MMA organizations?
We have the coolest events and the coolest & toughest fighters, hottest chicks, most exciting fights, home base in Bangkok – “The Las Vegas of the World” and the biggest payouts for the fighters in Asia in our Million Dollar Tournament.

FSA: 1 Million US dollars is a huge purse. We hear fighters are up for 125,000 dollars per tournament winner. Can you explain the payment scheme and tournament brackets for DARE fights sports and the massive purse you have on offer?

Jussi: Yes, 1 million US Dollars is in the grabs for the 8 first fighters who become DARE Champions. If you are a Champion, you shall be treated like one. That also means Champion level payments.
As an MMA fighter in Asia, the only possibility to make any real money right now is in DARE.

FSA: You went from a small MMA promotion in Bangkok-Thailand, to an ‘underground’ promotion during the ‘dark ages’ of MMA legality in Thailand… and now DARE is back and with full SAT (sports authority of Thailand) approval. Can you explain this journey a little?

Jussi: Looking back to the first two years of DARE, we are very happy to say that we were able to achieve a lot and really lay a foundation for MMA in Thailand.
Building a solid team of professionals who share the vision of Dare Fight Sports and who wish to build this sport in Thailand has been the most challenging thing of all.
I have seen so many people talk about how they are doing this and that for MMA in Thailand and how they will be making MMA regulated by this and that officials… I might sound a bit negative here but it is just so fking amusing to me to listen all these people who think they know Anything about MMA in Thailand and how they will make things happen. My advice to all those people is: “Put your money where your mouth is”.
Despite of me and my partners in Dare Fight Sports, no one else showed up to make the effort and investments that were needed in the process to have officials such as the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) and Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to officially support MMA, that we are all so passionate about.
But the work was definitely worth it and now Dare Fight Sports is the only recognized and approved MMA organization in Thailand. Mixed Martial Arts as a sport is not – only DARE is.

FSA: Can you let us know where DARE Fight Sports will be shown, how can fans view, follow and get behind the event?

Jussi: The best viewing experience will be on January 25th, when DARE again hits Bangkok big time with our next event. Tickets will come on sale soon and as seen before, DARE events are always sold out and packed with like minded, crazy people as yourself!
Our events will also soon be seen on TRUE Visions here in Thailand as well as through our other TV partners in China and USA. We are also going to release some great news for our fans in other Asian countries and in Europe, who will also be able to see us soon from their TV’s.

FSA: Whats the future for DARE Fight Sports? Sponsor deals, TV deals, Signings or otherwise?

Jussi: DARE are signing some top talent from all over the world who are joining the Million Dollar Tournament and will eventually take over the Asian MMA scene with these simple fundamentals

– Delivering to our fans events that are original, innovative and not just imitations and cheap copies of the UFC

– Delivering quality in Fights (just compare our last card to any other Asian MMA card this year)

– Delivering quality In action and entertainment for people who dont usually watch MMA or sports

That’s about it. Once the first Champions of DARE have received their 125,000 Dollar Championship bonuses, there is no doubt what organization rules the MMA scene in Asia.

Thank you guys at FSA, you guys always rock!

With kindest regards,
Jussi Saloranta
CEO & Founder



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