Muslim Salikhov scores a huge KO at M-1 Global challenge 44 in Russia

Muslim Salikhov is a Russian fighter whos resume prior to entering Mixed Martial Arts includes.

Muslim was a multiple X’s Russian Sanda champion, Chinese Sanda champion and multiple X’s world Sanda champion.

Salikhov was also the first non-Chinese fighter to win the prestigious “King Of Sanda” Tournament in China. Along with k-1 rules fights and a k-1 China title, some solid boxing fights in amateur and professional.

Now Muslim has begun to work with Phuket Top Team in conjunction with Fighting Eagle Gym, in order to develop his MMA career.

After this M-1 Global brutal powerhouse Knockout, Muslim moves to 2-1 as a professional, looking very good at the dropped weight of 170lbs / 77kg.

Salikhov is looking at options to fight within the Asian MMA scene.

A striker on this level with well rounded skills would be a huge asset to any major promotion in Asia.

(to take a look at what we mean by “Striker on this level” check out the below HL)


Of note on the same event was an unusual Knockout that ended in a DQ verdict.

Gazaev decided to use the “kreep” that means 3 points of contact while Gluhov gets severely pissed off.

After enough but scooting antics

d42f (1)


Eventually Gluhov decided to do what feels right (unfortunately ending in a DQ)




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