This is GLORY 13 TOKYO (Dec 21 on Spike) preview



GLORY ends the year in style the way only GLORY can – with a stacked supercard taking place in the spiritual home of the martial arts.

GLORY 13 TOKYO has so many big names we are struggling to find posters strong enough to carry their weight:


Peter Aerts’ retirement match is on this card – he wanted to go out with a bang and in samurai style he has taken the hardest opponent possible: Rico Verhoeven, winner of the recent GLORY Heavyweight Tournament in Los Angeles

Remy Bonjasy’s Japanese Retirement Match is also on this card – he faces Team Nogueira’sAnderson ‘Braddock’ Silva (who yes, does know and sometimes train with Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva)

Also on the card: the GLORY Welterweight Championship Tournament, a four-man affair with a $150,000 grand prize:

#1 – world #1 welterweight Nieky Holzken, bodyshot killer, power puncher and excellent technician. A very dangerous guy, the world’s top striker at this weight

 #2 – ‘Bazooka Joe’ Valtellini – trained by Gary Goodridge’s former coach, this young Canadian has come from nowhere to blow away established names and position himself as 2014’s hottest prospect

#3 – Karapet Karapetyan – originally from Armenia, raised in the Netherlands. Qualified as a lawyer, professional fighter. An absolute machine. Relentless, Terminator-style attack, beautiful combination work

#4 – Raymond Daniels – the Los Angeles man is an absolute legend in the karate world and this tournament brings him to karate’s homeland. He stopped UFC veteran Brian Foster with a hook kick at GLORY 10 – can he do the same in the home of his chosen art?

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