ONE FC 13: Moment of Truth results, play-by-play

Asia’s largest Mixed Martial Arts organization is back for another night of Asian MMA, this time with a pit-stop in Pasay City, Philippines.

It will be the Filipino fighters’ chance at redemption following a woeful performance at ONE FC 9: Rise to Power. It was setbacks galore for the country’s combatants as they went 0-5. Criticism of their grappling credentials and takedown defense were flushed upon them following the conclusion of the event, as they stumbled heavily in front of their own home audience.

But tonight, at ONE FC 13: Moment of Truth, the Filipino fighters will be looking to turn the tides and erase memories of the proceedings in May.

Former ONE FC champ Honorio Banario looks to reclaim the very belt he lost in May, when he locks horns with current title-holder Koji Oishi in the main event.

Also on the line-up will be Filipino heroes Eduard Folayang and Kevin Belingon. They’ll be joined on the main card by the likes of Geje Eustaquio, Caros Fodor and Vuyisile Colossa among others.

Fans can catch all the main card action on either Star Sports or for a price of USD $9.99. Unlike previous events, however, prelims are not expect to stream online, free-of-charge.

Follow Fight Sport Asia throughout the night’s proceedings as we bring you LIVE updates and play-by-play of the bouts below:

MAIN CARD (, Star Sports, 7:30 A.M. ET)


Koji Oishi (Left) vs. Honorio Banario (right)

Koji Oishi (Left) vs. Honorio Banario (right)

ONE FC Featherweight World Championship bout: Honorio Banario (8-2) vs. Koji Oishi (24-9-10)

Report: Feeling out process ensues between both fighters, clearly vary of each others’ knockout power. Banario, though, seems to be the more active fighter of the two, as he starts landing more combinations as the round progresses. Lots of respect shown by both of them to end a pretty lackluster round. A complete contrast of the first round that took place in their first meeting.

Round 2 starts and Oishi goes for sort of a limp takedown that’s shrugged off easily by Banario. The Filipino is having the edge as far as the striking action goes based on how active he has been, and the combinations landed. Oishi, however, hasn’t engaged much and is instead backing up more than anything else. Banario gets rocked for a moment or two after getting tagged by Oishi whilst moving forward, but the Japanese fighter didn’t capitalize on the situation, instead giving his opponent time to recover. Oishi lands another right hand that rocks Banario once again, but he recovers fast and thankfully for him, the round comes to an end.

Banario starts backing up at the start of the third stanza, now with Oishi pushing the pace. Banario lands a good left and right to which Oishi eats with ease. The Japanese vet then lands a huge right hand that lands flush on Banario’s chin, knocking the Filipino fighter out cold. He retains his belt in spectacular style.

Result: Koji Oishi def. Honorio Banario via KO (Punch) at 1:42 of Round 3

Kevin Belingon (left) vs. David Aranda (right)

Kevin Belingon (left) vs. David Aranda (right)

Bantamweight bout: David Aranda (11-3) vs. Kevin Belingon (9-0)

Report: Striking changes gets us off and it’s Belingon who who draws the first hard shot of the bout with a beautiful spinning back kick. Belingon continues to do well in controlling the fight from the center, making it really difficult for Aranda to mount an offense.

After brief exchanges in the clinch, Belingon throws a huge left hook that signals good night irene for Aranda. A brutal finish that erupts in ruptures from the Filipino crowd.

Result: Kevin Belingon def. David Aranda via KO (Left Hook) at 2:53 of Round 1

Eduard Folayang (left) vs. Vincent Latoel (right)

Eduard Folayang (left) vs. Vincent Latoel (right)

Lightweight bout: Vincent Latoel (14-13-2) vs. Eduard Folayang (12-4)

Report: Latoel puts Folayang up against the cage to start proceedings, avoiding the Filipino’s flamboyant strikes. Latoel moves forward but ends up on his back, following a takedown from Folayang. Folayang lands some incredible amount of ground-and-pound with Latoel positioned near the cage. The Filipino fighter continues the brutal onslaught to end the round in a pretty one-sided affair.

After exchanging strikes to start the second frame, Folayang lands a single leg takedown. Latoel hangs on to a Guillotine choke but his Filipino opponent escapes the hold soon enough. Folayang then starts executing some clean punches. Folayang slides in for an Arm-Triangle choke, but Latoel defends it well by showing lots of heart and tenacity. The round ends with Folayang landing a huge double leg takedown, and some ground and pound.

Folayang continues to dominate in the striking department, as round three commences. Latoel is struggling to get any offense going at this stage. Latoel capitalizes on a mistake by Folayang with a barrage of punches but Folayang recovers considerably well. The Filipino fighter lands yet another takedown, but this time isn’t able to do anything substantial.

As the round concludes, Folayang pounces on some ground and pound upon rocking Latoel, putting an exclamation point on what was a dominant performance.

Result: Eduard Folayang def. Vincent Latoel via Unanimous Decision

Vuyisile Colossa (left) vs. Caros Fodor (right)

Vuyisile Colossa (left) vs. Caros Fodor (right)

Lightweight bout: Caros Fodor (8-3) vs. Vuyisile Colossa (6-4)

Report: Fodor gets right up at Colossa’s face from the get go and puts the South African fighter up against the cage. After a couple of kicks from Colossa, Fodor slips near the cage and falls, allowing Colossa to capitalize in top position. Both fighters, though, resume the battle on their feet soon after. The South African does well moving backwards but Fodor catches him clean on a couple of occasions. Up against the cage with a minute to go, both fighters exchange knees. As they separate, Fodor closes in on Colossa and lands multiple punches, but eats several strikes of his own.

Round 2 starts and Colossa clinches with Fodor, landing a constant attack of knees. Textbook Muay Thai, as you’d expect, from the South African. Fodor gets a takedown from a body lock but it’s Colossa who maximizes the most from it by ending up in top control. As they recover, Fodor locks in a standing Guillotine Choke and jumps guard, but Colossa escapes the choke. Colossa backs off from the ground exchanges and the striking battle continues.  Fodor maintains his pace of moving forward but Colossa is doing an incredible job of backing up while landing strikes of his own. Round 2 ends with both fighters battling near the cage.

Close fight but Colossa may be having the edge thus far.

Fodor continues to push Colossa up against the cage in hopes of landing a takedown, as we start the third round. Colossa, however, circles and scores some damaging elbows and knees. Fodor’s methodical approach of moving forward is well matched by Colossa, who continues to dominate in the clinch. Fodor, however, with a minute and a half left, drops guard with a Guillotine choke once again, but his South African counterpart slips out of it with ease. The fight ends with Colossa landing some elbows with pin-point accuracy.

A clinch clinic displayed by Colossa throughout the fifteen mintues.

Result: Vuyisile Colossa def. Caros Fodor via Unanimous Decision

Geje Eustaquio (left) vs. Eugene Toquero (right)

Geje Eustaquio (left) vs. Eugene Toquero (right)

Flyweight bout: Eugene Toquero (4-0) vs. Geje Eustaquio (4-2)

Report: Toquero starts off as the aggressor and catches Eustaquio with a strong elbow, along with a couple of strikes. Eustaquio looked hurt for a second or two. Great back and forth action between both fighters before the fight halts after Eustaquio gets kicked in the groin area. Contest resumes and Eustaquio lands two consecutive right hands before landing a takedown. Immediately into side control, Eustaquio transitions to mount, but Toquero uses the cage to reverse positions. Impressive stuff. Eustaquio, though, lands a takedown once again. From side control, he moves into mount yet again, but both fighters get to their feet soon after. Both guys start swinging hard with striking exchanges but as soon as you know it, Toquero gets taken down again. As Eustaquio looks to get into mount for the third time, Toquero reverses positions. The Team Lakay native, however, ends the round with a heel hook attempt.

Excellent pace set in the first stanza.

Second round starts and Toquero’s failed takedown attempt allows Eustaquio to reverse and end up on full mount on the canvas. Once again, however, Toquero reverses. Eustaquio goes for a heel hook just as he did in the first round but bails on it, maneuvering to Toquero’s half guard instead. The fighters are soon back on their feet and striking exchanges ensue. It now looks as if that it’s Eustaquio who’s getting the better of the strikes. He lands another takedown and imposes his will on Toquero near the cage. Round ends.

Toquero looks tired and fatigued as we head into the final round and it’s Geje Eustaquio who looks to be upping his game in this one. Eustaquio continues to tag Toquero cleanly, especially with his jabs. The Team Lakay standout looks to be displaying his complete striking prowess, landing a huge kick, but Toquero eats it like it was nothing and continues to move forward. After a brief stop because of shot at the back of Eustaquio’s head, the round resumes with the Filipino fighters exhibiting their striking game. Eustaquio lands a takedown in the last minute, and both fighters engage in a short brawl in the final seconds.

Cracking fight of entertainment from both Filipino fighters.

Result:  Geje Eustaquio def. Eugene Toquero via Unanimous Decision

Thanh Vu (left) vs. Dae Hwan Kim (right)

Thanh Vu (left) vs. Dae Hwan Kim (right)

Bantamweight bout: Dae Hwan Kim (8-0-1) vs. Thanh Vu (3-2)

Report: Interesting technical exchanges between the two to start things off, but both fighters start throwing some wild punches soon after. Kim puts Vu up against the cage, and imposes some control. Vu, however, reverses positions, and starts landing some hard knees of his own. As they break, Kim catches Vu with a couple of clean punches, rocks him, and lands a takedown. Vu, though, recovers remarkably well. The Australian ends the round with a huge uppercut that thumps Kim to the canvas, but the bell rings, ruining his chances of inflicting further damage.

Round 2 commences and Vu drives for a successful double leg takedown. Vu manages to get onto Kim’s back but Kim reverses and ends up on top, in half guard. He transitions to side control, landing some elbows and knees in the process. Vu recovers and both fighters get back to their feet. Kim starts unloading on Vu, landing multiple strikes, which drops the Australian. Kim continues the assault with brutal elbows, forcing Vu to give up his back. The South Korean then locks in a Rear-Naked Choke, promptly forcing a tap from his opponent.

Great fight.

Result: Dae Hwan Kim def. Thanh Vu via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 4:10 of Round 2

Alan Ngalani (left) vs. Paul Cheng (right)

Alan Ngalani (left) vs. Paul Cheng (right)

Heavyweight bout: Paul Cheng (3-1) vs. Alain Ngalani (1-0)

Report: Fast start between both guys and the fight hits the mat within 20 seconds. Ngalani puts Cheng on his back and starts working in side control. He momentarily goes for a keylock but bails on it. Cheng tries hard to recover and does, but soon finds himself on the canvas once again. Although Ngalani finds himself in dominant positions, he doesn’t seem to do anything substantial. Cheng, now on the bottom, attempts for a kimura but fails. Both fighters get to their feet and start trading, but Ngalani slips from a kick and Cheng capitalizes on that. He get’s the South African’s back, puts in both hooks, and starts landing some ground-and-pound to the head. With about six seconds remaining, Ngalani taps out due to strikes.

Result: Paul Cheng def. Alain Ngalani via Submission (Verbal Tapout- Strikes) at 4:54 of Round 1


  • Bantamweight bout: Koetsu Okazaki def. Josh Alvarez via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 3:13 of Round 2
  • Flyweight bout: Ruel Catalan def. Khim Dima via TKO (Referee’s Stoppage) at 3:35 of Round 1
  • Featherweight bout: Herbert Burns def. Edward Kelly via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 0:44 of Round 1


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