What’s next for “Ruthless” Rob Lisita – Exclusive Interview


“Ruthless” Rob Lisita on December 21st once again showed why he is indeed the RUTHLESS one.

Lisita finished the previously unfinished former shooto champion “Lion” Takeshi Inoue, in Rnd 2 via Bulldog choke.


Rob Lisita has been Australia’s no.1 ranked featherweight for the past year and a bit, this was well cemented when he got the big Knockout win over Nova Uniao prospect Rodolfo Marques.

Rodolfo was 14-2 with 2 losses being against Bibiano Fernandez & Louis Nogueira, neither of whom could finish Rodolfo.

Defeating top featherweight fighters Marques and Nogueira via Knockout & Submission while both had never been finished in a combined 49 fights, are signs of a fighter in top form.

Given this and the recent main event win over Lion, Fight Sport Asia thought it would be a good time to catch up and chat with Lisita.



Tell us about the preparation for this fight camp and how you felt leading into the fight with Takeshi ?

It’s been a long camp and I’ve spent most of this year in Phuket at Phuket Top Team, because of this consistent training at the best camp in Asia I’m the best I’ve ever been and feel that every camp I do with ptt, prepares me to beat even Godzilla.

How do you feel fighting inside Asia and building your name is Australia and Asian MMA?

Asian MMA was my first love of the sport, to be fighting and beating guys I was a fan of is a dream come true. I know I gotta take over my back yard before I can take over the world.

With this win and your recent wins against high level previously unfinished opponents, do you feel you are in a career peak?

These wins are proof that the training I’m doing is right, I’m in the prime of my life and wanna keep testing myself. There is more to come and more to show.

The media has talked about your past and your background, we have heard some of this has been incorrectly portrayed, care to set the record straight?

I didn’t come from the richest neighborhood but I had all I needed at home, a loving family and great friends, just because I was a bad kid doesn’t mean I had near as hard a life of some other. I’m blessed to be where I am now.

What was that finish you got on Takeshi and how did it setup?

I got double under hooks I felt him turn his hips so I hit a duck under , got the back. I was gonna grab a seat belt and drag him down but I felt I was under his chin so I decided to hit a bulldog choke. He was gurgling hard so I knew he would either tap or go to sleep. 

Where to now for Rob Lisita?

On to the next fight, this is my job. I’m in my prime, I wanna keep moving up the rankings, making more money and taking out big names.

Anyone you would like to thank and shout out?

I wanna thank Boyd Clarke and my team mates at Phuket top team, terry Devlin and southern cross boxing, my wife and kids, Phuket pro nutrition, calorie restaurant, wear vc, groundskillz. All the the people that are a part of team Lisita.

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