Video – Victor Nagbe vs. Dylan Salvador from MAX Muay Thai: The Final Chapter

In the second tournament semi-final bracket of December 10th’s MAX Muay Thai: The Final Chapter event in Kohn Kaen, Thailand, fans in attendance were treated to a match-up filled with pure aggression, animosity and two hard-hitting fighters.

Australia’s Victor Nagbe scored a decision victory over Frenchman Dylan Salvador, but it wasn’t as easy he thought it would be. He had to work for it.

Both fighters entered the bout with identical records, and the contest started off with the usual customary striking exchanges.

Nagbe may have perhaps lost the first round, but he did land a trip takedown after catching a hold of Salvador’s leg. But the Frenchman was both aggressive and cautious in his approach. While he landed some sneaky elbows along with a trip takedown of his own, Salvador did a great job of neutralizing Nagbe’s kicking offense by holding on to his legs, and countering with body kicks of his own.

Nagbe turned it up a notch in the second round, though, landing multiple takedowns. Salvador, meanwhile, continued to impose his game plan of catching his opponents kicks. And while it did work, his Australian counterpart, however, got the better of the exchanges in that stanza.

Round three was definitely Nagbe’s as well. Although Salvador pushed the pace for the majority of the contest, Nagbe connected with cleaner strikes and deservedly walked out of the bout as the victor.

Check out the full fight video below:



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