Fight Sport Asia’s 2013 Asian MMA Awards: Top 10 Finishes (Vote NOW)

It was another stellar year for fans, gyms, fighters and promotions alike with multiple Mixed Martial Arts events taking place across Asia in countries like Singapore, India, China, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia and many others.

So we, at Fight Sport Asia, have decided to bring you our own inaugural installment of the Asian MMA awards!

The catch? The final results will be based on fans’ votes. That’s right ladies and gentlemen – We are going to ask for your opinion on some of the wildest finishes and fights that took place under all Asian MMA promotions’ banners in 2013. And then.. we’re giving YOU the opportunity to vote for the winners.

While MMA accolades in North America will presumably be dominated by a wide range of UFC fighters and personalities, rest assured it’s going to be much different here in the Asian MMA landscape. Or in our Awards pieces, at least.

Fight Sport Asia has looked through numerous videos of fights over the course of the calendar year and we’ve decided on four different categories that you’ll be asked to vote in: Top 10 Finishes of 2013Best Fight of 2013, Best Fighter of 2013 and Best Promotion of 2013.

We’ll have a total of fifteen options in this category and you vote for the options that you think impressed you the most. Of course, if you think we left something important off our list, post it in the comments section and if deemed worthy, we’ll add your suggestion to the list. Voting ends on the stroke of midnight, January 4th. Only the top ten options will be taken, and those results will be out on January 5th.

With that, let’s get onto our first poll – The Top 10 Finishes of 2013

There were a myriad of awesome stoppages in 2013 alone, ranging from bulldog chokes to headkick knockouts and of course the trademark one-punch stoppages and Armbars that we all absolutely adore. So let’s check out the options below and start voting!

In no particular order:


ONE FC Featherweight champ Koji Oishi defended his belt successfully against Honorio Banario in what was billed as a highly anticipated rematch at ONE FC 13: Moment of Truth. After a slow start to the bout, Oishi pounced on his Filipino counterpart in the third stanza, unleashing a right hand that sent Banario crashing to the canvas.

  • Rob Lisita def. Takeshi Inoue (Bulldog Choke – Rebel FC 1: Into the Lion’s Den)

A clash pitting two fighters with polar opposite fight styles, Rob Lisita took on “Lion” Takeshi at Rebel Fighting Championship’s inaugural event on December 21st. As the Australian chased Takeshi Inoue with punches for the majority of the contest, the finish, however, came via an unorthodox Bulldog Choke in the second stanza. Lisita, hence, became the first man to ever finish his iconic Japanese opponent.

In a collision between a former UFC Lightweight champion and a former Bellator MMA competitor, it was the latter who prevailed brilliantly in this intriguing 135-lbs encounter. Ueda, in his trademark methodical approach, worked his way towards a D’Arce choke in the second frame, wowing the audience in attendance at the Singapore Indoor Stadium at ONE FC 8: Kings & Champions.

  • Rohit Pundeer def. Vinod Budhwar (Punch SFL 34)

The fighters at India-based Super Fight League always have a lot to offer in terms of exquisite and brutal finishes. Look no further than Rohit Pundeer vs. Vinod Budhwar at SFL 34 for a knockout that’ll wet your appetite. After defending a submission attempt on the canvas, a frustrated Rohit Pundeer vented his anger in the stand-up department by mercilessly finishing Vinod Budhwar with a single hard shot up against the fence.

  • Yusuke Kasuya def. Damien Brown (Armbar Legend FC 11)

One of 2013’s highlights included the fold of Hong Kong-based Legend Fighting Championship, which held its eleventh installment in Malaysia before officially ceasing operations a few months later. Fans, though, witnessed one of the greatest submissions under the promotion’s banner at that event, when Yusuke Kasuya locked in and rolled for a beautiful Armbar finish on Damien Brown.

  • Gyo Pyung Hwang def. Syafiq Samad (Flying Knee – Rebel FC 1: Into the Lion’s Den)

A huge hometown upset by Korean Top Team’s Gyo Pyung Hwang as he dispatched highly touted Singaporean prospect Syafiq Samad in just forty-two seconds. And it wasn’t just any ordinary finish. It was a highlight-reel, flying knee knockout which silenced the Singaporean audience and impressed both critics and neutrals alike.

  • Jang Yong Kim def. Mark Striegl (Leg Scissor Choke – PXC 39)

Nobody gave Jang Yong Kim a chance against Team Buffet’s Mark Striegl in their 155-lbs title match-up at PXC 39. Striegl, prior to the bout, was a perfect 12-0 and rated by many as a future UFC contender. But Kim, a stablemate of Korean Top Team, had other ideas. In what is considered probably the biggest upset of 2013, Kim finished Striegl on the canvas in the third round, not only gaining the plaudits in the process, but a 10-lbs strap around his waist as well.

Spaniard David Aranda didn’t have the best of promotional debuts against Team Lakay’s rising Bantamweight contender, Kevin Belingon. The reigning URCC champ controlled the striking exchanges from the start, and finished his opponent with a perfectly timed left hook that signaled immediate lights out for Aranda.

  • Liu Ping Yuan def. Liu Lian Jie (Punch – RUFF 9)

Seventeen seconds – That’s all the time China’s Liu Ping Yuan needed to triumph over Liu Lian Jie at RUFF 9. A straight right and a few punches for good measure was all it took for Yuan to secure his fifth pro MMA victory.

  • Minowaman def. Kim Hoon (Punch – ROAD FC 013)

You could not have pictured a better ending after fighting in a century of MMA contests. Minowaman’s one hundredth pro Mixed Martial Arts bout and ROAD FC debut was marked in style with a brilliant first round knockout victory. This classic contest and moment will certainly remain in the hearts of MMA fans for decades to come.

  • Bhabajeet Choudhury def. Iqbal Bhat (Head Kick – SFL 19)

Bhabajeet Choudhury has a knack for establishing some of the best knockouts under the promotion’s banner. Unfortunately for Iqbal Bhat, he found out first-hand why, when he was brutally clattered with a leg kick which well, signaled good night irene. Savor this outstanding finish folks because it’s certainly one that the masses will enjoy watching over and over again.

  • Kyle Reyes def. Tae Kyun Kim (Flying KneePXC 40)

After backing up Kim with a vicious left hook, Kyle Reyes rushed forward for the kill with a stunning Flying Knee, that knocked Tae Kyun Kim out senseless. It was poetry in motion yet absolutely devastating at the same time.

A match-up between two of ONE FC’s poster-boys, Evolve MMA’s Eddie Ng topped Peter Davis with a slick first round Armbar submission victory, to the delight of the Singaporean crowd in attendance at ONE FC 11: Total Domination. With two of Davis’ opponents falling short to Ng in previous meetings, vengeance was on the mind of the Malaysian heading into this bout, but Ng’s all round MMA facet proved too much in the end.

Former UFC vet Caol Uno secured an impressive come from behind second-round inverted Triangle Choke submission victory over Daniel Romero at Vale Tudo Japan 3rd on October 5th. The Japanese MMA staple had to weather the early storm in the first frame before scoring an all-important finish in the second.

  • Joachim Hansen def. Doo Won Seo (Arm-Triangle Choke – ROAD FC 011)

Former DREAM champ Joachim Hansen almost tapped from a Guillotine Choke attempt by Doo Won Seo in round one of their meeting at ROAD FC 011. But Hansen fought through and earned a tap-out from his opponent in the second frame, courtesy of an Arm-Triangle Choke from mount. By no means was that an easy promotional debut for the Norwegian, but with experience and fortitude on his side, he got the job done.



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  1. December 31, 2013 at 5:52 am #

    Best fighter in world

  2. Johnathon Wallis
    December 31, 2013 at 6:01 am #

    He is such a great fighter and a awesome bloke and he never holds back

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      Bhaba…Da……Thumbs up bro

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      All the best Bhabajeet da….

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  5. fabian
    January 1, 2014 at 11:39 am #

    How often does a bulldog choke happen at such a high level? Let alone finishing a guy that’s never been stopped in 29 fights. War ruthless Rob

    • Thinesh John
      January 1, 2014 at 11:52 am #

      Yeah buddy. You could not have pictured my reaction when I saw Inoue tap to that choke. Definitely a top three sub for me.

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  7. rajib
    January 1, 2014 at 6:51 pm #

    Best of luck… Bhabajeet

  8. bhupratim sarma
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    @bhabajit choudry is a very nice player

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    Great fighter

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    Best of luk bro.

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    Best of luck bhaba da

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    bhabajeet is the mirko crocop of indian mma !

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    All d best…

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    All d best

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    Vote for Bhabajeet

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    Brutal head kick

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    best of luck bhaba…..

  19. rajib
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    done for bhabajeet


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